We are proud of our team of experienced professionals based in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Washington, DC. All but one of our staff members in our country offices are from the communities they serve. They know what the conditions are and they are dedicated to bringing about positive change.

Headquarters, Washington DC

William Corcoran, President & CEO
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Ellen Giordano,Vice President Business Development & Fundraising

Donna Diane, Chief Financial Officer

Lola Akinuli, International Grants Manager

Hani Almadhoun, Director of Donor Development

Rami Azzam, Director of Online Strategy & Fundraising

Liz Demarest, Director of Communications

Niki Erickson, Manager of Operations

Jennifer Ibrahim, Director of Programs

Laurie Kassman, Media Relations Officer

Michelle Munjanattu, Development Assistant

Natalia Luchkina, Director of Accounting

Nancy Nye, Director of Donor Stewardship

Keysha Porte, Staff Accountant

Shedrick Spencer, Donor Systems Coordinator

Mariele Ventrice, Communications Assistant



Nahed Al-Wehaidi, Gaza Director

Rola Abu Dagga, Field Monitor

Mohammed Abu Jahal, Warehouse Assistant

Faisal Abu Shahla, Gaza Area Manager, PCID

Mostafa Al Ghosain, In-Kind Manager

Sabah Al-Barakoni, Gaza Office Manager

Mohammed Al Ghussein, Project Officer

Ahmad Al-Najjar, In-Kind Program Coordinator

Abeer Aqeel, Office Engineer-PCID

Rania Elhilou, Communications Officer

Sami Matar, Project Engineer

Reema Salem, Project Coordinator

Ashraf El-Shobaki, Infrastructure Coordinator-PCID

Dema El-Tabba’, Administrative Assistant

Islam Muhanna, Agronomist, Home Gardens Project

Mousa Shawwa, Support Services



Samar El-Yassir, Country Director
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George Abi Abdullah, Administration & Finance Manager

Nawal Al Kurdi, Education Program Manager

Jackline Atwi, Program Manager

Nadine Abdallah, Public Health Educator

Samar Kamakh, Administrative and Program Assistant

Mayssoun Korban, Rural Tourism Program Manager

Louise Le Marie, Communications Officer

Dima Zayat, Program Manager


Paul Butler, Country Director
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Jamal Al Aref, Deputy Country Director &
Chief of Party for PCID Program

Samar Naser Abu Ajamieh, Senior Administrative Assistant

Mamoun Abu-Gheith, Custodian & Maintenance officer

Faten Salameh Abu Zaid, Compliance Officer

Majdi Al Faqeeh, Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant – Data Management

Tamara Handal Al-Hodali, Senior Accountant

Barihan Al-Khatib, Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Omar Anabtawi, Technical Engineer/Design Development – PCID

Nadia Awad, Communication / PR Manager

Samar Baidas, Reporting & Monitoring Manager

Samer Bakilah, Technical Engineer/Design Development – PCID

Mazen Dabbagh, Project Manager / New Business Development Manager

Nada Dajani, Communications Officer

Amjad Ebeid, IT Officer

Denise Habash, Projects Documentation Officer

Amani Omari Ja’far, Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant-Data Entry

Lana Khalidi, Manager of Administration & HR

Rana Laila, Procurement & Compliance Manager

Samia Majlaton, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Emile Makhlouf, Manager of Finance

Mario Manneh, Chief Engineer/Design Development

Khaled Mar’i, Senior Office Engineer

Dina Muna, Accountant

Rawan Natsheh, Project Proposal Development Officer/Design Development

Ibtissam Rashid, Communications / PR Officer

Jubran Said, Deputy Chief of Party for PCID Program

Reem Shraydah, Communications / PR Coordinator

Lousana Sharif, Procurement/Compliance Assistant

Ghadeer Sous, Administrative Assistant/Design Development

Basema Takrouri, Environmental Officer/Design Development

Youssef Zalatimo, Administrative Assistant



Mohammed Abu-Rajab, Hebron Area Director

Shatha Al-Ayaydeh, Administrative Assistant

Samer Al-Natsha, Infrastructure Coordinator

Hanadi Darwish, Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Khaldoun Hmeidan, Infrastructure Engineer

Mahmoud Issa, Compliance Engineer

Rami Kafiety, Infrastructure Engineer



Rabah Odeh, Chief Engineer/ Construction /PCID

Amer Al-Sharif, Infrastructure Engineer

Mohammad Jamleh, Community Outreach Coordinator

Adel Imran, Infrastructure Engineer

Yaser Dweikat, Infrastructure Engineer

Maram Mattour, Administrative Assistant / Receptionist

Ayman Minawi, Infrastructure Senior Engineer

Mohammad Tuffaha, Contract Administration / Compliance Engineer



Ali Abdou, Project Coordinator

Sulaima Abu El Haj, Early Childhood Education Coordinator

Miral Al-Bess, Project Assistant

Sulieman Mleahat, Education Program Manager

Naser Qadous, Agricultural Programs Manager


Beitin Warehouse

Hani Khleif, In-Kind Director, West Bank and Gaza

Mohammad Atieh, In-Kind Field Assistant

Mohammad Mahmoud Ma’tan, Warehouse Assistant