In the difficult job market that exists in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon, small, often home-based businesses do well because they provide affordable alternatives to more expensive products in the regular market. But the fragile economies present enormous challenges. To succeed, small entrepreneurs often need a loan and a helping hand.

ANERA’s microfinance programs

ANERA gives loans to entrepreneurs and existing small businesses so they are able to generate income for the borrowers’ families and stimulate the local economy. A fisherman in southern Lebanon managed to revive his business after the 2006 war there, thanks to a microfinance loan from ANERA. A mother in Gaza has been able to support her family and send her children to college, thanks to a microfinance loan that helped her build her home business.

what is microfinance?

Small, manageable loans provide working capital to low income men and women to build their business, pay insurance, cover their costs if they fall ill. The loans and support from organizations like ANERA can help reduce poverty, create employment, and generate income that sustains family and community.

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