Palestinian Refugee Camps

Residents of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon face staggering rates of joblessness, internal tension and disgraceful housing conditions. They often refer to themselves as “forgotten people” and feel a sense of isolation and neglect. For most, comfort and privacy are elusive luxuries.

How ANERA works in palestinian refugee camps

Since the 1980s, ANERA has worked to improve the health and welfare of refugee families. We support vocational training for youth to learn marketable skills. Wherever space is available, we create small parks and urban gardens to give refugee families food security and a sense of community. We deliver vital medicines and spread messages of health, and deliver relief supplies in times of crisis. We organize and outfit sports clubs for youth.

ANERA has a constant and effective presence in Lebanon’s refugee camps.

Everything ANERA does is through strong partnerships with local non-profits in the camps and through the wise stewardship of contributions from supporters like you.

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