Information Technology

Restrictions on movement in the West Bank and Gaza often limit job opportunities. Information technology has become a bright spot in the Palestinian economy because it knows no borders And, the demand for skilled software engineers and talented IT developers is growing.

To help Palestinian youth gain the IT skills they need to find work or start a business, ANERA pioneered projects in the West Bank to provide advanced IT education and business know-how.

One of ANERA’s pivotal activities has been the construction and development of IT education centers that focus on up-to-date training and mentoring in the field of information technology. ANERA’s IT Centers of Excellence at four West Bank universities teach the latest in software, systems development and networking. Students get international certifications, job counseling and help in improving their businesses.

Students also gain hands-on experience through internships in the private sector. Many IT graduates have developed programs to benefit their schools and their communities.

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