Vocational Training

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are restricted in the careers they can pursue. But vocational training gives them marketable skills to enter the workforce and earn an income to support their families. In the West Bank and Gaza, the fragile economies put an extra strain on families so learning new skills opens the horizon for them.

what is vocational training?

ANERA provides financial assistance and works with educational institutions and community centers to develop vocational classes to train people in the skills they need to compete and excel in the local job market. The fields we support include teacher training, nursing, carpentry, plumbing, graphic design, farming, hairdressing, information technology and tourism. Vocational training empowers men and women, young and old, to seek employment or start their own business and provide their families the resources they need to survive.

In the West Bank, ANERA also spearheaded a knowledge-sharing program for the area’s farmers that included video and report-writing training classes to share experiences and techniques to improve farming methods and expand production.

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