In a region where conflict and humanitarian crises can happen at any time, ANERA is always ready to step in to ease people’s suffering and help them return to their normal lives with quick and flexible emergency response. Our staff members in the Middle East live in the communities they serve and can quickly determine what needs exist in an emergency situation.

Humanitarian Relief and Recovery

Multi-faceted problems require multi-faceted solutions. ANERA’s approach to emergency response in Palestine and Lebanon is comprehensive and adaptable. When a crisis happens, we react by:

  • Supplying clean water and nutritious food
  • Distributing hygiene kits, health awareness materials, and dignity kits for women
  • Delivering millions of dollars of medicine to charitable hospitals and clinics
  • Disbursing winterization items, like blankets, warm clothes, and emergency lanterns.
  • Reconstructing civilian infrastructure and water networks
  • Repairing community centers, medical facilities, and schools
  • Providing psychosocial counseling to help families cope with trauma

Through these means, ANERA works to help people devastated by conflict and poverty get back on their feet and build better lives for themselves.

Recognizing Need: Emergency Response in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon

The bombardments of Gaza in 2009, 2012 and 2014. The arrival of thousands of impoverished, traumatized refugees from Syria in Lebanon’s camps. The 2006 war in Lebanon. Continuous closures and an ongoing blockade in Palestine.

In situations like these, families are often cut off from water networks and food supplies. Health conditions deteriorate in crowded refugee camps, and people wounded during violence need immediate treatment and appropriate medicine. Children are traumatized by war and the psychological effects of violence take a toll on everyone. Families may face cold, wet weather without proper clothing or even roofs over their heads. During these times, ANERA recognizes the need for efficient humanitarian relief.

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