Humanitarian Relief

ANERA has been delivering humanitarian relief during emergencies since our founding in 1968, thanks to the help of supporters from all over the world.

ANERA Responds Fast to Emergencies

Our staff managing in-kind donations have a tried-and-true system for getting families and communities what they need most – medicines, food packages, clothes, blankets, hygiene supplies, and more. They deliver many millions of dollars of humanitarian relief to Palestinian families and medicines to charitable clinics and hospitals.

Our solid reputation and good working relationships with administrations in the region means that our relief aid gets through to the people who need it most.

ANERA’s most recent humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza meant that hospitals had the medicines they needed and that families had critically needed hygiene kits when it mattered most. In Lebanon, we are helping to ease the burden for thousands of Palestinian & Syrian refugees fleeing Syria’s conflict and for the families who have opened their homes to shelter them. Our emergency response and the speed of our assistance efforts rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters.

Humanitarian Relief Stories

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