Recovery and Reconstruction

When a humanitarian crisis strikes in Lebanon, Gaza or the West Bank, ANERA is there to rebuild what is damaged or destroyed so Palestinian families can get back on their feet

ANERA’s sustainable response

With the support of ANERA’s donors, our staff of capable engineers re-establishes water connections to people’s homes and repairs neighborhood sanitation systems. We restore vital infrastructure like schools, community centers, medical facilities and parks. Our staff is creative and efficient, using recycled materials when fresh supplies are not available, adding equipment when a school is restored but lacking tools for the classroom or playground materials.

ANERA helps families rebuild their livelihoods, also a casualty of conflict and crisis. We give loans to small businesses, help entrepreneurs get started, provide reconstruction jobs, and train young people in much-needed job skills. And, we are there for years to come to sustain that support.

Recovery and Reconstruction Stories

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