Hospital Infrastructure

With help from people like you, ANERA builds and upgrades clinics and hospitals, improving health care services for the poorest communities and people with disabilities. We also give technical guidance and cash grants, as well as medical supplies that support their work and ease their financial burdens.

The problems at health care facilities in the West Bank and Gaza are widespread, from peeling paint and water damage to outdated equipment and a shortage of doctors. These factors diminish the quality of care that hospitals and clinics can provide.

In Lebanon, the conditions of hospitals that serve Palestinian refugees also have life and death implications.

Thanks to supporters from all over the world, ANERA is able to improve the conditions in these life-saving institutions. We have provided new and improved infrastructure across the West Bank and Gaza. ANERA secures quality equipment for health facilities in Lebanon and provides a steady supply of medicines.

ANERA’s infrastructure work also has created thousands of jobs for Palestinians seeking much-needed resources to support their families

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