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In a UN school shelter in Gaza, this man is lost in the memories of what he has lost.
Gazans Talk about Their Experiences in the Shelters

People were packed into the UNRWA “Salah Eddin Prep A” School which had become a shelter for hundreds of displaced[...]

Taking Steps to Ensure Safe Winters in Qabatia

The past winters have been disastrous for the residents of Qabatia. The topographical nature of this Jenin Governorate town makes[...]

PCID Short Story: Hatta Elementary School
PCID Short Story: Hatta Elementary School

The village of Hatta has only one elementary school which offers education up to 6th grade. In addition, the village[...]

PCID Short Story: Jalqamous School

Jalqamous has only one secondary school providing an education for the village’s teenagers. The school also takes in students from[...]

Ranya Manash web
PCID Short Story: Ranya Manash

Ranya Manash uses a motorized wheelchair. When exposed to water, it shorts out and stops working. This means that Ranya[...]