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The Reality

The PCID Program has been designed to address basic infrastructure needs in rural, vulnerable or under-served communities that face serious shortages in basic services. The quality of life in these communities continues to lag far behind other larger West Bank and Gaza communities, and significant disparities abound between rural and urban communities within the same districts.  In addition to disparities in water and sanitation infrastructure, other key areas of disparity include a lack of community infrastructure such as parks, community halls, sidewalks, libraries, market places, etc.


The Response

The PCID Team constructs, expands and rehabilitates new and existing community infrastructure projects that will serve and bring together village residents and youth. Such projects will include parks, community centers, markets, libraries, local government facilities, and sidewalks.


The Goal by 2018:

  • Implement more than 50 infrastructure projects in the Health, Education, Youth and other sectors.