ANERA brings together an extraordinary team of highly trained and experienced professionals to manage and implement the PCID Program. In collaboration with eight engineering design firms and the local non-profit organization Women and Media Development (TAM), the ANERA Team is well qualified to deliver a multiplicity of projects.

ANERA manages, monitors and implements the Program through ANERA’s offices in Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron, and Gaza, all of which are fully operational.

Jerusalem Office

Jamal Al-Aref, PCID Chief of Party

Jubran Said, PCID Deputy Chief of Party

Samar Naser Abu Ajamieh, Senior Administrative Assistant

Mamoun Abu-Gheith, Custodian & Maintenance Officer

Faten Abu Zaid, Compliance Specialist

Barihan Al-Khatib, Administrative Assistant & Receptionist

Tamara Handal Al-Hodali, Senior Accountant

Omar Anabtawi, Technical Engineer (Arch.)

Nadia Awad, Communications/PR Manager

Samar Baidas, Reporting & Monitoring Manager

Samer Bakilah, Technical Engineer (Arch.)

Basema Bashir, Environmental Officer

Amjad Ebeid, IT Officer

Denise Habash, Program Assistant

Amani Ja’far, Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant, Data Entry

Sawsan Kanaan, Gender Coordinator

Lana Khalidi, Manager of Administration & HR

Rana Laila, Procurement & Compliance Manager

Samia Majlaton, Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist

Emile Makhlouf, Manager of Finance

Mario Manneh, Chief Engineer Design Development

Khaled Mar’i, Senior Office Engineer

Dina Muna, Accountant

Rawan Natsheh, Project Proposal Development Officer

Ibtisam Rashid, Communications/PR Officer

Lousana Sharif,  Procurement & Compliance Assistant

Reem Shraydeh, Communications/PR Coordinator

Ghadeer Sous, Administrative Assistant

Hanan Yassin, Monitoring & Evaluation Assistant, Data Management

Youssef Zalatimo, Administrative Assistant

 Nablus Office

Rabah Odeh, North West Bank Chief Engineer/Area Manager

Amer Al-Sharif, Infrastructure Coordinator

Yassir Dweikat, Infrastructure Engineer

Adel Emran, Infrastructure Engineer

Lubna Fares, Gender Coordinator

Maram Mattour, Administrative Assistant

Ayman Minawi, Infrastructure Coordinator

Mohammad Jamleh, Community Outreach Coordinator

Mohammad Tuffaha, Infrastructure Coordinator


 Hebron Office

Mohammed Abu-Rajab, South West Bank Chief Engineer/Area Manager

Khaldoun Abu Ayyash, Gender Coordinator

Shatha Al-Ayaydeh, Administrative Assistant

Samer Al-Natsha, Infrastructure Coordinator

Hanadi Darwish, Infrastructure Coordinator

Khaldoun Hmeidan, Infrastructure Coordinator

Mohammad Issa, Compliance Engineer

Rami Kafiety, Infrastructure Coordinator


 Gaza Office

Faisal Abu Shahla, Gaza Area Manager

Abeer Aqeel, Office Engineer

Sabah Barakoni, Office Manager

Rania Hilou El-Namarah, Media Relations Officer

Ashraf El-Shobaki, Infrastructure Coordinator