Donor Stories

Marjorie AndersonMarjorie AndersonA friend surprised Marjorie by giving a donation to ANERA in her name. She continued making contributions and made sure ANERA is a beneficiary in her will. Why? “Because I believe in ANERA so much…MORE

Leila and Evan WilsonMartha Wilson“ANERA was a part of my growing up.” It was natural, she says, for her parents to support a humanitarian organization that puts politics aside to care for people in need. Martha pledged to follow her mother’s example…MORE

Margaret NikelyMargaret Nikely
Margaret did not think twice about the charities she would choose. ANERA was at the top of her list. It was her boss’s devotion to ANERA and ANERA’s support for a music conservatory that drew her attention…MORE

Salah Al-AskariSalah Al-Askari
Salah Al-Askari was finishing his medical studies in Baghdad in 1948 when the state of Israel was created, sending millions of Palestinians to seek refuge among Arab…MORE

Aref JabrAref Jabr
Aref Jabr seemed to know about ANERA from its earliest days. And as he became more involved with the organization he knew that he would make a bequest…MORE

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Skylar Lawrence
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