Gaza Home Gardens

July 4, 2013 ANERA
Agriculture, Economic Development, Job Creation
A Gaza family in the greenhouse ANERA built in their yard. Through their new home garden and with agricultural training, they have a way to put healthy food on the dinner table and earn extra income.

The Reality

Four out of ten Gazans live in poverty. Unemployment averages nearly 50%. Food prices are constantly rising. Eight out of ten families have to depend on food aid.

ANERA’s Response

Since 2010, ANERA has been delivering greenhouses, agricultural training and equipment to scores of families in Gaza, giving them a way to put healthy food on the dinner table and earn extra income. These home gardens exemplify ANERA’s mission to offer immediate relief and long-term solutions through use of resources easily accessible, in this case a little green space at people’s homes.

How It Works

Step 1: Select families based on family size with children under the age of five, farming skills, marginalization and income. Special attention is given to households headed by women.

Step 2: Train heads of households on best practices for planting, composting, fertiling, greenhouse management and making best use of water.

Step 3: Istall greenhouses in yards and distribute tools, seedlings, water tanks and fertilizers.

Step 4: Visit families to monitor progress and offer hands-on guidance in their home gardens.

Meet Some Gaza Farming Families

Maher in his ANERA greenhouseMaher used to work on rented land to earn his living. “Now I can provide basic vegetables that are used in cooking popular Gazan dishes and I can sell some of the crops in the local market. My 100 plants produce 20 to 30 kilos of tomatoes a week.Read more.


Sayed and his son in their greenhouse in Gaza

Sayed, unemployed since 2004, got a lot out of the training ANERA provided with the greenhouse. “I learned effective ways to compost. We can use the left-over plants to enrich the soil…Nurturing the land like this in an organic way is healthy and safe.” Read more.


Hanna with her family in the greenhouse ANERA installed in their yard.

Hanna’s garden is a source of pride. “My children feel much happier when they know the salad of cucumbers, lettuce and parsley are all made just around the corner, in their new greenhouse.” Read more.