In-Kind for Lebanon

July 9, 2013 ANERA
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Patient at Al Hamshary Hospital's kidney dialysis center, the only place Palestinian refugees can go for dialysis in Lebanon. ANERA delivers supplies and medicines to the center.

The Reality in Lebanon

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and poor Lebanese communities face many challenges, from high unemployment and poor housing conditions to conflict, stress and inadequate health and education services. The situation has worsened in the overcrowded refugee camps as over a million refugees flood into Lebanon seeking refuge from the violence in Syria. They are in desperate need of shelter, food, and medical supplies. Families living in the refugee camps have opened up their homes to the new arrivals from Syria, increasing the need for urgent humanitarian aid.

ANERA’s Response

Since the 1980s, ANERA has been providing assistance to local organizations to better provide for the health and welfare of Palestinian refugees and families in the nearby marginalized Lebanese communities. ANERA delivers millions of dollars of donated health care supplies and medicine to Lebanese and Palestinian health care providers. 

How it Works

ANERA works with its Lebanese partners, such as Health Care Society, UNRWA, and the YMCA, to distribute critical medicines and medical supplies through a network of 450+ health facilities, reaching 200,000+ underprivileged Palestinians and Lebanese. We work with community-based organizations to produce and distribute health information materials and organize health festivals in the refugee camps to promote good health habits. ANERA responds quickly in times of crisis, contacting potential donors to coordinate the shipment and distribution of much-needed medicines and humanitarian supplies, like blankets, clothing, and hygiene kits.

People Who Have Benefited

Dr. Ahmed Jindawi, Head of the Kidney Dialysis Department, Al Hamshary Hospital in Lebanon. ANERA donates medicines and equipment to this center, the one place in Lebanon where Palestinians can get dialysis.Dr. Ahmed Jindawi, Head of the Kidney Dialysis Department, Al Hamshary Hospital: “There is a lack of awareness and prevention within the Palestinian community. The other problem is that even if they are aware, they don’t have the money to get the medications they need.” Read more >>

Dima and Karma, her youngest childDima Zayat, ANERA’s medical in-kind program coordinator: “We are happy to be able to contribute to alleviating the suffering of people living with HIV/AIDS in Lebanon. We believe that people living with HIV have the right to work, family and access to health care.” Read more >>