Palestine Parks and Playgrounds – Al Bayyara

July 9, 2013 ANERA
Community Development, Economic Development, Environmental Projects, Job Creation
A Palestinian girl in Ras Karkar enjoys the new playground ANERA built in her West Bank village. It is part of a park that is providing green space for families to gather and safe areas for children to play.

The Reality

In the urban sprawl of Palestinian cities or impoverished villages in remote areas of the West Bank and Gaza, there are no public areas that are clean and safe for families to gather and for children to play. Municipalities are short of funds to provide them. More often than not, children end up playing in the streets or trash-filled fields. In 2012, three small children suffocated in a refrigerator while playing in a storage room in a small village near Ramallah. Sadly, this story is not so unusual. 

ANERA’s Response

Map of a series of Al Bayyara parks and playgrounds that ANERA, along with several partners, is building across the West Bank and Gaza.In partnership with local municipalities, the Bank of Palestine and private donors, ANERA is literally changing the landscape. We are turning vacant, rubble-filled plots of land into beautifully landscaped safe havens for families to gather and children to play without fear. The parks are called Al-Bayyara, or citrus grove in Arabic. For most Palestinian communities, it is their first public park. Complete with playground equipment and shaded benches, the parks contribute to community bonding and to the greening of Palestinian towns and villages.  They also provide much-needed construction and maintenance jobs in a fragile economy. ANERA plans to build many more across the West Bank and Gaza.

How It Works

Step 1: Consult with the municipality and identify plot of land in an area that needs recreation space.

Step 2: Design a park with a playground, landscaped with benches and eco-friendly plants and trees.

Step 3: Hire and oversee the work of 30 workers for one month to construct the park.

Step 4: Monitor the maintenance and upkeep of the park.

Visit the First Al Bayyara Park

The first Al Bayyara park and playground | Ramallah, West BankBank of Palestine General Manager Hashim Shawa: “The parks provide green spaces for community bonding. They also create jobs. The first park created 30 jobs for about a month. So you can imagine, if you build hundreds of these parks, that’s thousands of jobs.Read more >>