Treating Children for Parasite Infections in Gaza

May 23, 2013 ANERA
Gaza, Health, In-Kind Medical and Relief, Mother and Child

The Reality

Intestinal parasite infection rates are usually higher in poor communities where there is environmental pollution and little or no sanitation services. Parasites can lead to serious health issues like malnutrition and digestive complications, liver, and intestinal damage. Health experts have found that, along with malnutrition, it is a primary cause of anemia among Gaza’s children.

ANERA’s Response

With funding from the U.S. consumer health company Johnson & Johnson, ANERA partnered with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to conduct stool tests in two clinics in Beit Lahia and Khan Younis in 2012. The tests and treatment were offered free of charge to families in surrounding communities. Mothers also attended awareness sessions to learn how to detect and treat parasite infections. The program was renewed in 2014 with funding from the Zakaat Foundation and the Kuwait government. With this new knowledge, Gazan mothers are more prepared to recognize symptoms of parasite infection and take their children for testing and treatment.

How It Works

  • Conducted free testing for parasite infections.
  • Referred those with infections to clinics for medicines and treatment.
  • Held 40 awareness sessions that reached more than 300 Gaza mothers.
  • Distributed more than 350 personal hygiene kits that included soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and sponges.

A Gaza woman and her children who were screened and treated for intestinal parasites.“I joined the ANERA awareness training at Bahaa’s preschool and I really enjoyed it because I gained new and valuable information,”Samar Abu Jaraad. Read more >>



Baraa and her little cousin, Leen.

“I don’t want to have a worm inside my stomach. I’ll make sure to wash my hands before and after eating as I learned at school,” Baraa. Read more >>