West Bank Farmers Training Farmers

July 7, 2013 ANERA
A West Bank farm's retaining wall makes the land more useful for agriculture.

The Reality

Agriculture is a pillar of the Palestinian economy and a source of pride and self-reliance. For generations, West Bank farmers have relied on the richness of the soil to provide for their families. But Palestinian farmers today face many challenges — from drought and pollution to political obstacles that isolate them from their fields and scarce water resources. Many lack knowledge and training in the newest agriculture methods and instead have relied on inherited or faulty knowledge that often results in excessive use of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides that damage the soil and crops.

ANERA’s Response

For more than 40 years, ANERA has supported projects to improve and expand agriculture practices across the West Bank — from supporting farmers’ cooperatives to building access road and wholesale markets. Our work brings us into contact with innovative Palestinian farmers all over the West Bank. They are an incredible source of knowledge about practical farming issues like how to make smart use of scarce water and land resources or grow crops that sell and store well. ANERA is bringing these farmers together to share their expertise with each other. 

How it Works

The Ministry of Agriculture and four Palestinian non-profits experienced in agriculture are working with ANERA to create an extensive resource base that will help Palestinian farmers improve their land utilization and food/economic security.  ANERA testing several methods for sharing knowledge and gathering among West Bank farmers:

  • Activities such as workshops, trainings and conferences bring farmers together in-person.
  • YouTube and Facebook give farmers a tool for sharing and conversing over time with each other.
  • Documentaries aired through traditional broadcast media give in-depth analysis on specific topics.

Meet a West Bank Farmer

Huda, a farmer in the West Bank, created a stable income for her family by reclaiming for agriculture a once-neglected, family-owned piece of land.Huda has created a stable income for her family by reclaiming a once-neglected piece of land. Her family now has an abundance of all kinds of fresh produce throughout the year. “Nurture your land and country. Gold is not what we accessorize ourselves with, but the soil that feeds us and quenches our thirst.