Press Release: ANERA Names New Chairman of Board of Directors

ANERA is pleased to announce the election of Joe Saba as chairman of its board of directors for a three-year term.  Jean Newman Glock will serve as vice chair. The board also welcomes six new members who represent a range of experience and knowledge of the Middle East where ANERA provides humanitarian and development services.

Joe Saba is a partner at the consulting firm Strategies for Stability. He is currently an adjunct professor at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. For 13 years, Mr. Saba worked at the World Bank as director of programs in the Middle East. During his World Bank career, he also resided in Jerusalem where he served as director of World Bank programs in West Bank and Gaza.  Mr. Saba was previously a partner in an international law firm and opened its Riyadh office. He has also served as a foreign service officer in Kuwait.

Mr. Saba earned a BA in government at King’s College, PA, a MA in Middle East studies at Harvard and a law degree from Yale.

Jean Newman Glock is president of her own travel company and has worked with Qatar Foundation International, U.S. Egypt Business Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for the Middle East and North Africa Tourism and Development Initiative. Ms. Glock earned a MA from Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and is a regular blogger for Huffington Post. 

ANERA’s Board also welcomed Ilana Feldman, associate professor of International Affairs at George Washington University; Haig V. Kalbian, partner and co-founder of Kalbian Hagerty law firm; David Nygaard, professor of economic development at Georgetown University; Michael G. Sahouri, vice president of operations for Sahouri Insurance and Financial; Edmund R. Saums, former foreign service officer and currently international business and government affairs consultant for Enterprise Solutions Consulting; Peter Schoettle, former director of policy programs at Brookings Institution and a former foreign service officer


About ANERA  

For more than 45 years, ANERA has been a leading provider of development, health, education and employment programs to Palestinian communities and impoverished families throughout the Middle East.  In FY 2013, the relief and development agency delivered more than $63 million of programs to the people of the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan.