Children’s Antibiotic for Kids in the West Bank

August 3, 2010 ANERA
Health, In-Kind Medical and Relief, Mother and Child, West Bank
ANERA delivered Omnicef, an antibiotic donated by AmeriCares, to clinics across the West Bank.

Five-year-old Sabreen walked into Dr. Anwar’s clinic, located in the Hebron governorate, with an ear infection and a fever. However, after a course of treatment with the recently donated children’s antibiotic, Omnicef, she came out healthier and happier, with a sticker from the doctor’s office on her hand.

“Sabreen had a middle ear infection in her left ear and an unhealed cut in her right ear. There was discharge coming out of her infected ear, which started disappearing the day after she took the medicine. She’s still suffering from a slight infection and needs to keep taking this medication everyday for the infection to go away completely,” said Dr. Anwar, a young doctor who has been practicing medicine for two years now.

Children often have a hard time taking medicines. These flavored antibiotics address that.

“Omnicef, is a very good antibiotic which is widely used, and this particular strawberry-flavoured one donated by AmeriCares is liked by children… It smells wonderful and that’s something very important for children because medications usually repel them, and it becomes difficult to persuade them to take them. This strawberry-flavoured antibiotic encourages them to swallow it immediately,” explained Dr. Anwar. “Another advantage to this donated antibiotic is that the child patient takes it only twice a day, which is very convenient for the both the child and the parents. But the most important fact about this donated medicine is that it is free of charge, and that makes a huge difference for many families here.”

Sabreen, like many of the children living in impoverished conditions, is underweight and exposed to viral infections and complications because her immunity system is weak. “Cases of infection due to weak immunity is something very common among the children here because it stems from an unbalanced diet. Many families here are sinking into poverty and cannot afford providing their children with daily nutritious meals. Mothers who are breast-feeding come into the clinic with anemia, and that directly affects the health of their babies and their immunity systems,” he stated.

The economic situation of the people of the district prevents them from buying much needed medications. Donations such as this AmeriCares shipment are helping them overcome their financial difficulties and keep their children healthy and happy.

“My ears don’t hurt me anymore, and I stopped crying” said Sabreen, shyly. “I like the medication because it tastes good.”

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