Combating Infections in the West Bank

October 21, 2010 ANERA
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Globus Relief’s recent donation of Cephalexin antibiotic, distributed by ANERA, has been a tremendous help to the poverty-stricken patients of a medical center located in Hebron.

“Cephalexin 500 mg usually has no side-effects, meaning it is quite safe for pregnant and lactating women, children, and the elderly. It is excellent in cases of inflammation of the windpipe and upper respiratory infections, as well as sinusitis, and some urinary infections,” explains Dr. Wael Al-Rajabi.

“The amount we received from ANERA is sufficient to meet our patients’ needs. We began dispensing the medicine almost immediately after receiving it; with the change in seasons, each capsule is vital right now.”

260,000 capsules of antibiotics were recently distributed to West Bank clinics.

Badir Nassar, a 24-year-old father and auto mechanic, has developed acute headaches, which the doctor explains are due to a sinus infection and overexposure to fumes and the smell of rubber.

“This persistent headache began around a month ago. I never had such severe headaches before, only mild very infrequent headaches like anyone else,” said Badir.

Dr. Rajabi prescribed Cephalexin for him to get rid of the headache. “If Badir takes this medication regularly and diligently, he’ll be better in no time,” he said.

The medical center cares for approximately 10,000 patients per year with a staff of only 13. The center includes a lab, a gynecology division, a dentistry division and its very own humble pharmacy that distributes medicine at a very minimal charge to those who can afford it and free of charge to those who cannot.

“We see new faces everyday in this clinic. A lot of people come in with acute headaches due to the penetration of foreign bodies inside their ears. Headaches should not be taken lightly, as they can be indications of other health problems. If neglected, they could lead to serious health problems or even psychological problems,” cautions Dr. Rajabi.

ANERA recently distributed 260,000 capsules of Cephalexin donated by Globus Relief in the West Bank.

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