Easing the West Bank Health Crisis

February 7, 2008 ANERA
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Rocephin bottles A standard treatment for three vials of Rocephin normally would cost $90 in the West Bank.

In the West Bank, many important medicines are difficult to find. When available, they are frequently too expensive for impoverished Palestinians. Through its medical In-Kind program, ANERA addresses this problem by distributing essential medicines to charitable clinics. One of the recent donations was Rocephin, a powerful antibiotic.

In one case, Rocephin prevented the onset of major complications for a young boy. Twelve-year-old Mohammed was playing outside when a brick fell on his hand, crushing the tip of his index finger. After a week, the damaged tissue died and Mohammed found himself at risk of serious infection, and even gangrene.

Fortunately, he received treatment at a clinic that had received ANERA’s shipment of medicines. Dr. Atiya and nurse Hanan carefully removed the dead tissue, then sterilized and dressed the wound. Rocephin was injected to prevent infection. Despite obvious pain, Mohammed was relieved to be in good hands and on the road to recovery.

15,000 vials of an important antibiotic drug are delivered to the West Bank.

“Rocephin is our first choice of medication to treat diseases such as inflammation of the sinus or middle ear, severe urinary infections and bronchitis,” says Dr. Atiya, explaining the many critical uses of this drug. “But we usually don’t have it available to administer to patients. At a pharmacy, a standard treatment for three vials of Rocephin would cost $90, which is too expensive for most people. Therefore, we are very grateful for the vials of Rocephin we received from ANERA.”

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB), a U.S.-based charity focused on global health care, donated some 15,000 vials of this valuable drug. This is one way ANERA cooperates with charitable organizations to help alleviate the crisis in health care faced by Palestinian health care providers and their patients.

Young Mohammed avoids serious infection from a smashed finger, thanks to donated supply of vital antibiotic.

Mohammed will avoid serious infection with the dose of Rocephin he received.

As soon as Mohammed received his treatment and was ready to go home, a smile of relief crossed his lips. He is grateful to have received the right medicine to heal his injury. To make sure he fully recovers, he must return for another injection of Rocephin and a follow-up consultation.

Of course, this drug can help people suffering from other ailments, too. When 64-year-old Amna Mohammed was suffering from bronchitis, she arrived at the clinic and was administered Rocephin. “My chest feels a lot better,” she admits. Nurse Hanan examines her and concludes that the antibiotic did its job successfully.

In an area of the world where many people can’t afford medicines to keep them healthy, ANERA’s medical In-Kind program delivers critical supplies and pharmaceuticals at a reduced cost or free of charge.

Last year, the value of In-Kind contributions delivered in the West Bank and Gaza reached $40 million. With the assistance of our generous donors and supporters, ANERA ensures that those in greatest need have a better chance to get treated.

You can help provide relief for Palestinians who can’t afford health care. Donate to ANERA today to make a difference in the lives of people in the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon.

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