Gaza Hospital Holds a Free Healthcare Day

August 15, 2010 ANERA
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ANERA in-kind manager checks new supply of donated medicines from AmeriCares for Gaza clinics. ANERA's Gaza in-kind manager checks new supply of donated medicines from AmeriCares.

It has always been core to the mission of ANERA to reach out to the neediest. ANERA helps support one Gaza hospital that holds health care days for patients living in one of the most densely populated areas of Gaza. On these days, patients can receive health consultations and prescribed medicines free of charge. Recently, ANERA distributed two containers worth of medical supplies to Gaza donated by AmeriCares.

Dr. Shawqi El-Rawag volunteers his time and knowledge to help the patients. “In [this] community, these events are of crucial importance. Patients come to us because they have trust and confidence…They know we are likely to have the medication they need.”

Families flock to Gaza hospital for treatment

 “This free treatment… is a great gift. Many thanks to the donors.”

Having heard about the free day from a neighbor in her community, Aziza, a woman in her fifties, came to the clinic to talk to a doctor about her pain. She has tried a variety of medicines from other clinics, but none have worked. “I have constant pain in my neck and knees, I can’t sleep at night,” said Aziza. Dr. Shawqi gave her an analgesic and anti-inflammatory medication, Naprokcine, often used in cases of chronic pain. “I have high hopes for this new drug,” Aziza said.

Another visitor to the free clinic, Houriya, is a mother of two. Her child has a fever and her husband is jobless. “Our social and economic life in Gaza is very hard. Conditions are bad. I don’t know how to put our pain in words,” said Houriya. “The nearby government clinic usually doesn’t have the medicines we need. Also, if I have to go another clinic, I have to pay for transportation, which is an additional burden I can’t afford. This free treatment… is a great gift. Many thanks to the donors.”

“When we get these kinds of generous donations through ANERA,” says Dr. Shawqu, “It means the world to people and inspires me to go on in my volunteer work.”

You can be part of the inspirational relief work we do in Palestine by donating to ANERA!

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