Making a Lasting Impact in Palestinian Communities [VIDEO]

October 11, 2013 ANERA
Agriculture, Early Childhood Development, Economic Development, Education, Health, Hospital Infrastructure, Job Creation, Water and Sanitation, West Bank
Impact That Lasts in Palestine - Watch Video

The essence of ANERA’s work has always been to make a lasting impact in communities across the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. In this film we feature eight people who have flourished over the years thanks to the on-going support of ANERA’s community of donors.


a student from the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, an ANERA partner for over 20 years.
a manager from the Ramallah Poultry Cooperative, where ANERA built a feed factory in 1978.
a blacksmith who has a business at the Beit Jala Light Industrial Complex, built by ANERA in 1985.
a preschool teacher who took ANERA’s 30-day training on early childhood development in 2010.
a farmer who irrigates his land from the Ein El Sultan Spring ANERA rehabilitated in 2005.
a doctor from a Hebron hospital that ANERA helped establish in 1988 and supplies with medicines today.
a librarian who works at the Jericho Public Library that ANERA built in 2005.
a produce-seller at the Halhoul wholesale produce market that ANERA built in 1985.

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