Palestinian Refugee Women from Syria [VIDEO]

December 2, 2013 ANERA
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Interviews and pictures from ANERA's humanitarian relief work in Lebanon tell the story of Palestinian women refugees from Syria who are struggling to keep their families fed, clothed and in shelters.

Women Refugees from the Syrian Conflict

More than 90,000 Palestinians from Syria have sought shelter in Lebanon’s overcrowded, poor 12 Palestinian refugee camps. Women and children account for 74% of the refugees. Six out of 10 families have to share one room and end up hanging blankets or pieces of cloth to mark off space for privacy.  

Women struggle to hold their families together despite the heightened social and economic pressures. Many have become the heads of their households because their husbands were killed or stayed behind in Syria, or have come to Lebanon with them but can’t cope with being unable to find work to provide for the family, as they did back home.

In Their Own Words: Palestinian Women from Syria in Lebanon

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