Parade for Health in Palestinian Camps, Lebanon

March 30, 2008 ANERA
Health, Health Education, Lebanon, Mother and Child, Palestinian Refugee Camps
A little Palestinian girl dressed as a strawberry in Burj El Burajneh refugee camp, Lebanon.

A special event took place in the Burj al-Barajneh Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut when hundreds of Palestinians – mostly women and children – marched through the narrow streets dressed up as fruits and vegetables, singing messages of health and cleanliness.

After the parade, young people staged three puppet shows about eating right, maintaining good health and the importance of breastfeeding.

The parade was organized by the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organization (PWHO), a non-profit that has been working in the camp for 15 years to improve the lives of women and children through public health and educational initiatives.

Creative health festivals are a colorful and joyous break in the  gloom of Lebanon’s camps.

The theatrical presentations were performed by volunteers from the Arab Resource Center for Palestinian Arts (ARCPA), a non-profit that promotes conflict resolution, reconciliation and healing through active learning and creative expression.

We have been partnering with PWHO and ARCPA for two years on our Creative Health Campaign, which makes healthy living fun through interactive educational materials and events. The work that our team in the Beirut office is doing with their local partners is inspiring. These kinds of initiatives show what’s possible when creative thinkers come together to tackle tough problems.

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