Prenatal Vitamins: Nourishment for Pregnant Palestinian Women

February 27, 2010 ANERA
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A Palestinian mother is happy to receive prenatal vitamins to help keep her healthy during pregnancy. Rand gets prenatal vitamins in her West Bank clinic to help keep her healthy during pregnancy..

A new donation of Prenate (prenatal vitamins) was recently distributed by ANERA among charitable hospitals and clinics in underprivileged Palestinian communities in the West Bank, helping thousands of pregnant women. They contain key vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, calcium, iron and magnesium.

“Hundreds of pregnant women visit our center for check-ups and advice, and I prescribe them Prenate, as it helps keep them and their babies healthy. This donation has alleviated some of the pressure on us of securing a good supply of multi-vitamins, even if it is temporarily, as it is essential for the daily diet of pregnant women,” says Dr. Al-Rajabi of Hebron Charitable Medical Center.

Women in underprivileged West Bank communities now have access to important prenatal vitamins.

“Because the capsule is made of gelatin it reduces any stomach irritation the person taking it might feel. And what is also good about these multi-vitamins is that they do not contain vitamin A, which could cause distortion of the physique of the fetus,” explains Dr. Al-Rajabi.

Randa Sioori is a nurse that has worked at the Center for 18 years and is also four-months pregnant. Dr. Al-Rajabi recommended that she take prenatal vitamins regularly to stay healthy, as well as energetic. “I have two sons and a daughter. They are still very young and demand a lot of my time and attention, and most of the days they wear me out. With these multi-vitamins I don’t feel tired a lot and that really helps me to keep going.”

A box of prenatal vitamins that will help keep mothers-to-be healthy during pregnancy.

Doses of prenatal vitamins help keep mothers-to-be healthy during pregnancy.

If it were not for the AmeriCares shipment of donated Prenate® to ANERA, Randa and thousands of other mothers-to-be would not have been able to afford these crucial vitamins.

“Our financial situation is not very good. I grew up here and the main reason why I am still living in the old city of Hebron is because I feel comfortable here,” Randa explains.

Patients who go to charitable clinics and centers, such as Hebron Charitable Medical Center, are usually from poverty-stricken communities and often suffer from vitamin deficiencies, which are especially dire for pregnant women. Food supplements can help keep their diets balanced, their bodies healthy, and provide a good start for their children, the next generation.

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