Relief from the Heat for Patients in Jenin, Palestine

February 11, 2009 ANERA
Health, Hospital Infrastructure, West Bank

Jenin, West Bank, has one governmental health clinic that serves its residents as well as people living in all of the surrounding villages. Between 600-750 patients visit this vital institution everyday, stretching its capacity and facilities to the limits.

The clinic was long overdue several essential, modernizing upgrades and ANERA responded with a $71,000 renovation project.

“Following the completion of the ANERA’s renovation of the clinic,” Director Mr. Khalil Ayasah explains. “Our employees were in great spirits and their productivity has increased dramatically. Jenin is unbearably hot in the summer, but now the clinic’s new air-conditioning gives patients and employees alike some relief.

A new A/C system provides relief for the 750 patients who visit this clinic every day.

Not only has the A/C system made a difference, but a new electrical network has as well. With this U.S. Agency for International Development-funded renovation, the clinic’s electrical system has been converted to 220/240 volts, improving the reliability and increasing the productivity of life-saving medical equipment.

The renovated clinic also provides a good atmosphere for storing medicines. Ms. Wisam Abdul-Jabbar, chief pharmacist, said, “The new air-conditioning system as well as the new electricity network create a perfect environment for storing medicines. Before, some medicines would expire one year prior to their expiration dates because of the storage conditions and the unusually high temperatures. Now, we have extra room for storage and the temperatures are at the appropriate levels.”

The project also included the installation of iron bars for the windows of the clinic, which puts parents’ minds to rest. Nadia Salem, a mother accompanying her seven-year-old girl, said “I am no longer worried that any child might jump out of the window and hurt him or her self. Kids are very energetic and can quickly get into trouble around open windows.”

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