Women’s Day 2014 [SLIDESHOW]

March 8, 2014 ANERA
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ANERA celebrates the women of the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. The women featured below are helping others and improving their lives despite overwhelming poverty and the broken social and physical infrastructure that are their everyday reality. ANERA is proud to support services like vocational training, community centers and sports activities that have helped these women to make a better life for themselves and their community.

Against all Odds: Palestinian Women Prevail in Lebanon

Jumila at Beit Affal Assamoud in Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon.
Manal, an ANERA-sponsored catering student in Nahr El Bared, shows off a cake she just decorated.
Sobhiye at the community garden in Nahr El Bared that ANERA helped establish.
Nemaat is playing on the soccer field ANERA rehabilitated in Baddawi refugee camp in Lebanon.
Joumana is a nursing student at a college in Tripoli, Lebanon. She is from Beddawi camp, where jobs are scarce.

Jamila is a mother to all. The children of Shatila are her children. She got her start clearing the debris after the massacre in 1982 and she has never stopped serving her community – helping orphans, running preschools, counseling women…”I didn’t choose the work, but it chose me. I feel proud because I can help my people and make the children smile.”

Manal is now a professional caterer after studying for two years at a vocational school in Nahr El Bared. She comes from a community where there are very few opportunities to make a good living. Now she sees the future brightly: “Not only have I learned how to bake for hundreds of people, but I also gained skills in math and computers which are so important to running a business. I have already started receiving catering orders for weddings and other events.”

Sobhiye comes every day to the community garden in Nahr El Bared. She lost her home in 2007 during clashes in the camp and came back after a year, but her home had been destroyed. She had to rebuild her life and found the space for healing in this green oasis. The bounty from the garden feeds 70 local elderly residents of the camp. “I love the winter in my garden. Look at the beautiful cabbages we are growing!”

Nemaat is one of the girls playing on the al-Nidal team in Beddawi camp. Young girls show their strength on the soccer field, the only patch of green in their crowded camp. It also is a place where girls and boys from different communities learn how to overcome their differences and get along better.

Joumana will finish her nursing studies and plans on a career that will help support her family. Nursing is one of the few well-paid professions where Palestinian refugees can legally work in Lebanon. “My fiancé and I agreed on this path and he’s backed me completely in getting this degree…I love nursing and would tell my kids to be nurses, because it’s about helping people.”

Jamila, director of Beit Atfal Assamoud in Shatila thumbnail
Manal, a catering graduate in Nahr El Bared thumbnail
Sobheya, gardener in Nahr El Bared thumbnail
Nemaat, soccer player in Beddawi thumbnail
Joumana, nursing student from Beddawi thumbnail


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