Two West Bank Preschools Become Vibrant Learning Spaces [VIDEO]

February 18, 2014 ANERA
Early Childhood Development, Education, Job Creation, School Infrastructure, West Bank

The majority of Palestinian preschools in the West Bank and Gaza are inadequate environments for the care and education of children. Many schools were not initially designed to be childcare and education centers, and are instead last-minute additions to community centers and mosques. Preschools are overcrowded, dilapidated, and lack facilities such as playgrounds, reading corners, and educational books that encourage positive learning experiences. Classrooms are poorly lit, lack proper ventilation, and do not meet safety and health standards. While many preschools have play areas, playground equipment is in short supply and safety levels are poor.

Watch the short film about the transformation of two West Bank preschools: Beit Ijza and Qalandia.


ANERA is working to improve conditions at Palestinian preschools, making them safer, more child-appropriate, and cheerful learning environments.

Read ANERA’s on-the-ground report about early childhood development.

Since 2009, ANERA has renovated 106 preschools in Gaza and 14 in the West Bank, making water fountains and bathrooms more child-friendly, replacing roofs, painting classrooms, installing new blackboards, repairing and brightening playgrounds, installing sun shades over play areas, and erecting water tanks for clean drinking water.


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