Two West Bank Villages are Connected to Clean Water

June 4, 2009 ANERA
Economic Development, Water and Sanitation, West Bank
A parrot in Afaf's garden A parrot in Afaf’s garden in the small village of Dab’a, West Bank, where ANERA constructed a water network.

Walking into Afaf’s garden in the small village of Dab’a, the visitor enters a little piece of heaven, full of flowers, trees, herbs and vegetables. It is a verdant environment that provides a pleasant refuge and a valuable source of food for her family.

With funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), ANERA constructed a water network for the families of Dab’a and neighboring Ras Al-Tira to bring a vital resource. Now, blue water pipes can be seen on the walls of each house in the villages, which are located near the West Bank city of Qalqilia.

Over 850 residents of two West Bank villages are connected to clean water.

“Before ANERA’s help,” says Afaf, “we used to buy water in tins, which was extremely costly, or draw water in buckets from neighbors who were lucky to have cisterns. But now, we finally have water taps for washing and drinking and we have even built a new toilet and shower. We also have a washing machine.”

Many villagers were pleasantly surprised to learn that an international organization is helping such small villages build a water network. ANERA’s work brings some optimism and joy to the 850 inhabitants, who are gradually being completely encircled by the Israeli wall.

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