Water Connections for Jabalia, Northern Gaza

October 6, 2009 ANERA
Economic Development, Emergency Response, Gaza, Recovery and Reconstruction, Water and Sanitation
Suhair, a resident of the El-Saftawi neighborhood in Jabalia, Gaza, washes dishes in her kitchen sink. Suhair, a resident of the El-Saftawi neighborhood in Jabalia, Gaza, is enjoying her new water connection, installed by ANERA.

In the pleasant neighborhood of El-Saftawi in Jabalia, a wonderful surprise was waiting for Suhair right outside her window. “I was casually looking through the window one day when I noticed some construction going on outside. I couldn’t believe it when I saw water pipes being connected to my house and I immediately wondered who had given us such a precious gift.”

When the mother of four moved to El-Saftawi neighborhood, her main concern was water. Like other people there, she had long struggled with water scarcity. “Before the installation of these water pipes, we used to get water one or two days a week. The lack of water constituted a crisis for us, especially during the recent war. We had to purchase water, fill it in gallon containers and carry them home in donkey carts,” she said.

More than 5,000 Palestinians in Gaza get access to clean running water.

With four complete water projects and five others on-going replacing old water pipes and connecting water networks with cisterns, ANERA is making sure that citizens, like Suhair, are getting clean water around the clock every day.

In Jabalia the new pipes reach 5,000 people who use the water supply for cooking, drinking and cleaning. The project took two months to complete and cost $23,000. It created jobs for 124 people in Gaza, where unemployment rates reach 80%.

ANERA, with the support of private donors,  has implemented water projects throughout Gaza.

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