Now is the time to stand #WithRefugees

Most refugees never come near U.S. borders. Instead, they live in limbo, in camps or in transit for years, or even decades. In Lebanon and Palestine, refugees and marginalized communities need your help more than ever. Can they count on you?


Syrian refugees live in desperate conditions in Lebanon. Without formal refugee camps, they find shelter in makeshift tents, abandoned buildings, or the already overcrowded Palestinian camps established generations ago. Many don’t have reliable electricity or running water. Jobs and classrooms are hard to come by.

ANERA works with Syrian refugees and poor Palestinian communities in Lebanon and Palestine to improve the standard of life. We build schools, clinics and water systems. We give farmers the tools they need to make the most of their land. We put youth back in the classroom and give them the training they need to forge livelihoods.

Meet the People You Can Help

“Kids run after me saying, ‘You are Syrian. Go back home!’…but I defend myself saying we are all humans. When we go back to Syria, you can come visit and I will welcome you with hospitality and kindness.”

–Hossam, 14, Syrian refugee from Homs

Hossam, a refugee from Syria, is living in northern Lebanon with his family. He is 14 and doing his best in a society that has little room for him.

Your donation helps teens like Hossam continue their education and socialize with their peers through sports programs designed specifically for refugees and their host communities.

“I don’t remember anything of Syria, I was very little when we came here. I want to draw a house, but I don’t know what a house looks like. When I go back to Syria, I want to be a school teacher.”

–Marwa, 7, Syrian refugee

Syrian children like Marwa don't remember life in Lebanon.

Your donation helps kids like Marwa living in tent camps by providing much-needed relief and the opportunity to go to school at nearby non–formal learning centers.