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6 Organizations Empowering Women Around the World

"Anera knows that when they have access to financial and educational tools, women are more likely to reinvest that into their communities, which makes them stronger in turn while improving the lives of everyone within." Read more at Fembot.


The opening of the first women's training center in the northern Gaza Strip [Arabic]

The Cooperative Society for Savings and Loans opened in Beit Hanoun, in the northern Gaza Strip, on Monday. The renovation of the women's vocational training center was funded by Anera through its women's empowerment project. The opening was attended by the regional director of Anera, Mr. Jack Byrne, feminist institutions operating in the northern Gaza Strip, a number of civil society activists and youth centers, and some of the notables and mayors of the north. Read more at Al Watan Voice or Sawa News Agency.


From Liverpool to Lebanon

Ann O'Byrne, a Liverpool Labour and Co-operative Councillor, returns to Beirut to build international solidarity between people living in the Beddawi camp and scousers (Liverpool natives) and to meet up with Anera, their main charity partner in Lebanon, and local organizations. Read more at Medium.