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This page will revisit some of the thousands of projects and people who Anera has worked with over the years to see where they are now — from universities that got their start with Anera’s help to teachers who changed their classroom with new skills they gained. #anerathenandnow

Najwa took part in Anera's preschool teacher training program in Gaza in 2007. By 2018, Najwa is the director of a Gaza preschool.

Najwa says she wouldn’t be as successful today if she had not participated in Anera’s training back in 2007. The special awareness sessions were part of Anera’s Milk for Preschoolers program, which helped combat anemia by providing daily snacks of fortified milk and biscuits. “I learned how to identify kids with symptoms of anemia and advise parents how to refer them to local clinics for proper treatment.” Najwa explains. “Today I focus on hygiene and the preparation of healthy meals for children and how a mother can do that with minimum costs.” Najwa smiles, “I learned all this in Anera’s training with a professional doctor back in 2007 and it has served me well ever since.” Najwa also earned an Anera certificate in active learning that focused on expressive arts and drama. Because of her dedication and professionalism, she was selected to be the preschool’s director in 2009.


2007, Anera builds gabions to protect the surrounding community. A decade later, they are still doing their job.

During the rainy season in the Jordan Valley, rain can come hard and fast, causing flooding and wreaking havoc in communities by disconnecting people from their workplaces, schools, and health care services. In 2007, Anera built gabions to shore up the sides of a ravine in Jericho. Ever since, rainwater has safely traveled to the Jordan River and depleted aquifers.


T+N Gaza organic farming
Twenty years after Anera’s small role in Magdi’s life (the invitation to study organic farming in California), his organic farm in Gaza is thriving and he is a mentor to other farmers. Anera also has just installed a large pond to collect water for drip irrigation on his farm. “Another great thing about organic farming is that water resources are better managed,” says Magdi.


Shelves of donated medicines, from Anera, in 1972 and 2017.

A small group of concerned individuals founded AMER (American Middle East Rehabilitation) to respond with humanitarian relief for Palestinians following the first Arab-Israeli conflict in 1948. In 1971, AMER merged with Anera and became Anera’s medical and humanitarian relief program. Today, eight staff work with hundreds of clinics, hospitals and pharmacies in vulnerable communities across Lebanon and Palestine, delivering millions of dollars worth of vital health care supplies.



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