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Top 17 Stories of 2017

Sabah’s daughter Heba helps out in the greenhouse during the summer break before she begins sixth grade.

As we approach the new year, let’s take a look back at some of the top stories and blogs from 2017. These stories were chosen by you, our supporters, because of their popularity on social media. 17. Gaza Women Find Opportunity in Co-Op “Easy come, easy go,” says 21-year-old Shorouq. “But in Gaza, nothing comes…

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How Music Therapy Helps Palestinian Children

Buran plays a number of instruments, which she uses in her music therapy session with Palestinian preschoolers in the West Bank.

By Buran Saada, ANERA teacher trainer and music therapist When I was only a school girl, I discovered my voice. My music teacher noticed that I could adapt to different music styles, so she picked me to sing in the school choir. In high school, I joined a band called Al-Awda, meaning “the return,” alluding…

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7 Ways Palestinians Are Celebrating Olive Harvest This Year

A Palestinian women joins the olive harvest in Tarqumia, West Bank.

As November begins, Palestine is in the midst of its olive harvest season, which began last month. That means that from Gaza to the West Bank, Palestinian farmers are heading to their trees to pick the ripe fruit, gather and sort it, and send it off to local presses to make staples like olive oil…

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Video: Tapestry of Humanity

A woman in Lebanon attends ANERA's classes.

What do people from different walks of life have in common? The farmer in Palestine, the teacher in a refugee camp, the precocious preschooler, the Gaza entrepreneur. In our film Tapestry of Humanity, we visit unique individuals who show us that we all have one thing in common, regardless of where we come from: our…

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Syrian Refugees Receive School and Hygiene Kits

Nour is a Syrian refugee who had to drop out of school because she could not afford it.

In Lebanon, half of all Syrian children do not go to school. For refugee youth like Nour and Ali, school is largely inaccessible due to the cost. Now they’re getting a chance to enroll in our non-formal education courses with donated school and hygiene kits, provided by UMCOR and delivered by ANERA. The kits give…

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Gaza’s Atfaluna School Leaves No Child Behind

The Atfaluna School brings together deaf and hearing children to create an inclusive learning environment.

As a group of children sit around a library table in Gaza City, the librarian starts to tell a story. “When the olive harvest season finally arrived…” “I was excited to start picking the olives,” adds one of the children. The story continues from child to child. When it’s over, they put it together and…

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5 Ways the Gaza Electricity Crisis Makes Life Unlivable

Gaza electricity crisis makes families live by candlelight.

Gaza has long suffered from a severe electricity shortage, but this summer it has reached a breaking point. Now the residents of Gaza get only two to three hours of power per day, if they get any at all. What does that mean? It means that each night in Gaza City is pitch-black, except for…

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Twice Displaced: Palestinian-Syrian Refugees in Gaza

A Syrian refugee family in Gaza

For World Refugee Day, our team visited one of the 250 families who fled the Syrian war to find refuge in the most unlikely of places—Gaza. Suad and Mahmoud had a stable and comfortable life before the war. As Syrians of Palestinian descent, they are “twice displaced” and have now found themselves in Gaza. There,…

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Mamdouh’s Story: How 10-Year Gaza Blockade has Devastated Fishermen

The Gaza blockade has devastated the livelihoods of fishermen like Mamdouh.

June marks the somber 10th anniversary of the Gaza blockade. The past decade has crippled Gaza’s economy and standard of living.  The fishermen who populate the enclave’s shoreline have been some of the most deeply affected by the blockade. While Gaza’s fishermen used to be able to make a living off the sea, many like…

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