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Despite Water Scarcity, a Green Summer in Jenin

Is there a sight more beautiful than lush fields of green? But fields need water and in Palestine, water is both the dilemma and the solution. The scarcity of water in the West Bank, particularly, has inspired us at ANERA to think creatively. Why not make use of a non-traditional source of water that just…

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West Bank Farmers Share Knowledge Across Borders

Imad is one of the first farmers to join the recycled wastewater irrigation co-op.

Water is a critical yet diminishing resource in the Middle East, and that poses serious challenges for the region’s farming community. I knew that ANERA’s latest project, funded by the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID), to recycle run-off from Jenin’s wastewater treatment facility would be vital for some 200 farming families in need of better irrigation…

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