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7 Ways Palestinians Are Celebrating Olive Harvest This Year


Nov 2, 2017

Posted in: As November begins, Palestine is in the midst of its olive harvest season, which began last month. That means that from Gaza to the West Bank, Palestinian farmers are heading to their trees to pick the ripe fruit, gather and… Read More

Gaza’s Atfaluna School Leaves No Child Behind


Jul 24, 2017

Posted in: As a group of children sit around a library table in Gaza City, the librarian starts to tell a story. “When the olive harvest season finally arrived…” “I was excited to start picking the olives,” adds one of the children.… Read More

5 Ways the Gaza Electricity Crisis Makes Life Unlivable


Jul 14, 2017

Posted in: Gaza has long suffered from a severe electricity shortage, but this summer it has reached a breaking point. Now the residents of Gaza get only two to three hours of power per day, if they get any at all. What… Read More

Climate Change, From Paris to Palestinian Camps

Jun 12, 2017

Posted in: Combating climate change is a global issue, yet we recently saw that not all countries are on board. Namely, only three: Syria, Nicaragua and the United States. The good news is that the Paris Climate Agreement shows how widespread environmentalism… Read More

Mamdouh’s Story: How 10-Year Gaza Blockade has Devastated Fishermen


Jun 7, 2017

Posted in: June marks the somber 10th anniversary of the Gaza blockade. The past decade has crippled Gaza’s economy and standard of living.  The fishermen who populate the enclave’s shoreline have been some of the most deeply affected by the blockade. While… Read More

How Your Solidarity Means the World to Refugees


May 23, 2017

Posted in: ANERA’s Hani Almadhoun reflects on celebrating Ramadan, from Gaza to Utah. I started fasting at the age of seven. As a little boy, it was exciting to see all of my family under one roof, elbowing each other, trying to get… Read More

5 Reasons Why #RamadanSolidarity Matters This Year


May 3, 2017

Posted in: When our team sat down to discuss the approaching month of Ramadan, what dawned on us was that this was a Ramadan unlike any other. Sure, the traditions may be the same, the message of reflection remains central and it’ll be… Read More

Gaza is Barely Holding Together

Sep 22, 2016

Posted in: The United Nations predicts that Gaza will be unlivable by 2020. The study estimates the population of 1.6 million will expand to more than two million, requiring a hefty increase in basic services. But, Gaza has barely recovered from the… Read More

ANERA’s 2014 Annual Dinner – a Great Success


Oct 22, 2014

Posted in: ANERA’s Annual Dinner this year was held at the Omni Shoreham hotel on October 17. Among the 410 guests, we welcomed staff from our offices in Lebanon and West Bank, including Samar Naser, our longest serving employee with more than… Read More

Dubai TV Report: ANERA Inaugurates West Bank Preschools


Jul 25, 2014

Posted in: ANERA completed major renovations on the preschools in the West Bank communities of Beit Mirsim and Anab Al Kabir, with funding from Dubai Cares. This Dubai TV report provides coverage of the inauguration day. Read More