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Nagham Returns to School for the First Time Since Fleeing Syria


Dec 1, 2017

Posted in: Nagham lives with her family in a tent camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Her family used to live in a nice home in Syria, where they lived a happy life under a proper roof. But since they fled… Read More

Video: Tapestry of Humanity


Oct 25, 2017

Posted in: What do people from different walks of life have in common? The farmer in Palestine, the teacher in a refugee camp, the precocious preschooler, the Gaza entrepreneur. In our film Tapestry of Humanity, we visit unique individuals who show us… Read More

Syrian Refugees Receive School and Hygiene Kits


Aug 4, 2017

Posted in: In Lebanon, half of all Syrian children do not go to school. For refugee youth like Nour and Ali, school is largely inaccessible due to the cost. Now they’re getting a chance to enroll in our non-formal education courses with… Read More

Twice Displaced: Palestinian-Syrian Refugees in Gaza


Jun 20, 2017

Posted in: For World Refugee Day, our team visited one of the 250 families who fled the Syrian war to find refuge in the most unlikely of places—Gaza. Suad and Mahmoud had a stable and comfortable life before the war. As Syrians… Read More

Mamdouh’s Story: How 10-Year Gaza Blockade has Devastated Fishermen


Jun 7, 2017

Posted in: June marks the somber 10th anniversary of the Gaza blockade. The past decade has crippled Gaza’s economy and standard of living.  The fishermen who populate the enclave’s shoreline have been some of the most deeply affected by the blockade. While… Read More

Palestinian Farmers Embody the Spirit of Earth Day


Apr 21, 2017

Posted in: For Earth Day 2017, we caught up with Dr. Mansour, a Palestinian medical doctor and farmer who was part of ANERA’s agricultural knowledge sharing program. Using the skills he learned, he and his sister Ni’ma lovingly tend to their farm… Read More

West Bank Farmers Recycle Wastewater to Nourish Crops


Mar 24, 2017

Posted in: This World Water Day 2017, meet a Palestinian farmer who is irrigating his alfalfa and trees with a valuable resource, wastewater, that was being thrown away as crops died. In the fertile plains of Marj Ibn Amer Valley, Jenin, a… Read More

Meet Fadwa, a Palestinian Woman Making a Big Difference in Her Village


Mar 8, 2017

Posted in: This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the bold spirit and vast achievements of Palestinian women and female refugees. Women don’t always have adequate support in their societies, but when they are given opportunities, they thrive and improve the lives of… Read More

Using Treated Wastewater to Revive Palestine Agriculture


Feb 7, 2017

Posted in: The agricultural industry in Palestine is deeply hindered by water scarcity – an-ever growing problem. Though the agriculture sector uses nearly 45% of all water available to Palestinians in the West Bank, only 10% of the West Bank’s cultivated area… Read More

Sorting and Recycling Waste in Nahr El Bared Refugee Camp


Dec 21, 2016

Posted in: In Lebanon’s Nahr El Bared refugee camp, trash is dumped everywhere. It fills the streets and covers sports fields. As the camp runs out of space, residents dump waste dangerously close to the sea. To make matters worse, scavengers often tear… Read More

Destroyed Preschool in Shejaiya, Gaza Gets Rebuilt


Nov 29, 2016

Posted in: During the 2014 war in Gaza, the Shejaiya neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City was heavily bombed. The war damaged hundreds of buildings, leaving thousands of Palestinians homeless. The few preschools in Shejaiya that existed prior to the… Read More

Gaza Farms Burst With Sweet Potatoes


Nov 8, 2016

Posted in: Sweet potatoes are a common treat in Gaza. Vendors on the beach sell them from boxes held above their heads, and they flourish in the local soil. Farmers can make big profits from these tasty crops. However, many Gaza farms aren’t… Read More

The Power of One: Honoring Nabila Ali


Oct 19, 2016

Posted in: ANERA honors Nabila Ali, an ANERA donor from the Chicago area who motivated her community to raise more than $132,000 through social media and word of mouth for ANERA’s relief programs in Gaza during and after the 2014 war. Read More

What Are You #RootedIn?


Sep 23, 2016

Posted in: ANERA is #rootedin the communities we serve. This year, our Annual Dinner theme, “Tending Roots, Bearing Fruit” evokes our deep roots in Palestine and Lebanon, as well as the locally-inspired projects that people like you have made blossom through continued… Read More

New Preschool Built in Al Majd, Palestine


Jun 28, 2016

Posted in: ANERA’s early childhood development program is leading the way in setting standards for preschool education. In the past five years, ANERA has constructed 165 preschools across Palestine. The program also involves teacher training, music and arts curriculum, reading programs and… Read More

Palestinian Children Describe Their Preschool Renovation


Jun 20, 2016

Posted in: The Refugee Women Training Center and preschool in the city of Ramallah is one of only three preschool teacher training facilities in all of Palestine. It was in bad need of repair when ANERA took on its renovation. Listen to… Read More

ANERA: Helping Palestinians in Palestine and Lebanon Since 1968


Mar 28, 2016

Posted in: ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid) is a leading development organization improving the lives of Palestinian refugees and poor families in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon. Read More

Gaza Water Crisis: Connecting Families to Clean Water


Mar 21, 2016

Posted in: In Gaza, many people lack regular access to clean water. According to UNOCHA, 1.3 million people in Gaza are in need of water and sanitation assistance. The Gaza water crisis makes cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene and caring for livestock a… Read More

Gaza Agriculture: Restoring Farmland in Khan Younis


Oct 26, 2015

Posted in: Gaza agriculture was deeply impacted by Israeli bombing in 2014. Many fields – more than 42,000 acres of Gaza agricultural land – were destroyed, and others lay fallow due to lack of resources. ANERA’s Gaza Land Restoration project aims to… Read More

What Does “Al Afiya” Mean to You?


Oct 5, 2015

Posted in: We asked students & teachers at the Spafford Children’s Center in the Old City of Jerusalem to explain “al afiya” (العافية). Here’s what they had to say… Read More

Rebuilding Amjad Preschool in Beit Hanoun, Gaza


Sep 18, 2015

Posted in: “Rubble was everywhere and nobody could believe that the pile of wreckage that was the preschool could come alive again,” said Boshra Hamad, head teacher at Al Amjad Preschool in Beit Hanoun, Gaza. In the summer of 2014, Al Amjad… Read More

Non-Formal Education for Refugee Youth in Lebanon


Aug 6, 2015

Posted in: Now in its fifth year, the Syrian crisis continues to devastate the lives of millions of families. In Lebanon, nearly 1.3 million refugees are crowded into the poorest areas of the country. For refugee youth, the situation is especially difficult.… Read More

Music and Art for Children in Palestine


Aug 5, 2015

Posted in: Creative expression has educational and psychological value for young children, especially for those living in turbulent conditions — like children in Palestine. That’s why music and the arts are a key component of ANERA’s early childhood development program in Gaza… Read More

Delivering Medicine to Refugees in Lebanon


Apr 21, 2015

Posted in: Ten-year-old Malek introduces us to his family, living in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. His father, Ziad (Abu Malek), has diabetes. Malek worries about his father’s health, accompanying him to the clinic to get insulin and following him wherever… Read More

Playgrounds Bring Smiles to West Bank Children


Apr 15, 2015

Posted in: In the sprawl of Palestinian cities and villages, there are few clean, safe public places where kids can play and explore. West Bank children are left to play in unsafe environments, like trash-filled streets and lots filled with rubble. ANERA supporters… Read More

Restoring Water for Gaza Families


Apr 5, 2015

Posted in: “Sometimes it took us four to five days to get a few drops,” says Wafa Shabat, describing what life was like without a reliable water connection in Beit Hanoun, Gaza. ANERA’s Urgent Water Systems Repair project supported by Islamic Relief… Read More

Meet Tamer and Lana, Siblings from the West Bank with Gaucher Disease


Apr 1, 2015

Posted in: Tamer, 14, and his sister Lana, 13, live in Jenin, West Bank. They both suffer from a rare inherited disease called gaucher that is life-threatening without treatment. For 10 years, ANERA has provided Tamer and Lana with the treatment they… Read More

Gaza Children Receive TOMS Boots


Mar 23, 2015

Posted in: Winter in Gaza is brutal, especially in poor rural communities where many children lack proper footwear. Five-year-old Ali Shaquora walked 30 minutes to school each day—wearing an old pair of sandals. ANERA delivered TOMS shoes to his school in Gaza,… Read More

Helping Gaza Children Cope with Trauma


Feb 13, 2015

Posted in: In the past five years, Gaza has experienced three wars with the most recent, in the summer of 2014, being the most dangerous and destructive. The bombs have stopped falling, but the process of healing wounds is ongoing. Through interactive… Read More

Investing in Palestinian Women, Strengthening Palestinian Communities


Oct 22, 2014

Posted in: Lasting change occurs when mothers and female leaders are engaged. When women have access to educational and economic opportunities, they invest in their families and communities. This investment, in turn, strengthens an entire society. In this video we hear from… Read More

Love Stories for World Heart Day 2014


Sep 29, 2014

Posted in: According to the World Heart Federation, heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year. That is more than cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria. In honor of World Heart Day, ANERA… Read More

Education for Palestinian Children


Sep 29, 2014

Posted in: ANERA is investing in upgrading preschools, training teachers, producing resources, and addressing wider issues by leading the way in developing a national early childhood development strategy in the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks to contributions from individuals and educational foundations… Read More

Dubai TV Report: ANERA Inaugurates West Bank Preschools


Jul 25, 2014

Posted in: ANERA completed major renovations on the preschools in the West Bank communities of Beit Mirsim and Anab Al Kabir, with funding from Dubai Cares. This Dubai TV report provides coverage of the inauguration day. Read More

Two West Bank Preschools Become Vibrant Learning Spaces


Feb 18, 2014

Posted in: The majority of Palestinian preschools in the West Bank and Gaza are inadequate environments for the care and education of children. Many schools were not initially designed to be childcare and education centers, and are instead last-minute additions to community… Read More

Palestinian Refugee Women from Syria


Dec 2, 2013

Posted in: More than 90,000 Palestinians from Syria have sought shelter in Lebanon’s overcrowded, poor 12 Palestinian refugee camps. Women and children account for 74% of the refugees. Six out of 10 families have to share one room and end up hanging… Read More

Sports for Peace in Lebanon


Nov 21, 2013

Posted in: A news report about ANERA’s Sports for Peace project that aims to bridge divides between communities in conflict in Lebanon. Read More

Making a Lasting Impact in Palestinian Communities


Oct 11, 2013

Posted in: The essence of ANERA’s work has always been to make a lasting impact in communities across the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon. In this film we feature six people who have flourished over the years thanks to the on-going support… Read More

Palestinian Refugees from Syria in Lebanon


Jun 19, 2013

Posted in: Since the start of the Syrian conflict, tens of thousands of Syria’s Palestinian refugees have been moving into Lebanon’s over crowded Palestinian refugee camps. They are often over-looked by the international community, despite the terrible situation they face. Read More

Children From Palestine Share Their Dreams


Oct 17, 2012

Posted in: Palestinian children from the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon share what they hope to become in the future. Read More

Helping Palestinian Refugee Children in Lebanon Do Better in School


Oct 4, 2012

Posted in: In Lebanon, ANERA supports remedial education and active learning for youth in Palestinian camps through financial aid and support of educational institutions. Meet Saja in Nahr El Bared. She is taking full advantage of the support ANERA gives. Read More

A New Computer Room for a West Bank Girls’ School


Oct 2, 2012

Posted in: With only $20,000, ANERA fully equipped the computer room at Kufur Thulth Girls’ Secondary School near Qalqilia, West Bank. With regular access to good computers and reliable Internet, the 400 girls at the school are using the tools they need… Read More

Training for the Workplace: Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon


Sep 20, 2012

Posted in: American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) provides a variety of vocational training courses for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon’s camps. Read More

ANERA Delivers TOMS Shoes in Gaza


Apr 24, 2012

Posted in: Years of blockade and economic hardships in Gaza mean that many children are forced to walk to school barefoot or in sandals and other flimsy shoes. Read More