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How Music Therapy Helps Palestinian Children


Nov 10, 2017

Posted in: By Buran Saada, ANERA teacher trainer and music therapist When I was only a school girl, I discovered my voice. My music teacher noticed that I could adapt to different music styles, so she picked me to sing in the… Read More

How Palestinian Farmers Cherish an Ancient Tradition

Nov 3, 2017

Posted in: In our Jerusalem office, we all know it’s olive harvest season when our colleague Ma’moun, our maintenance officer, takes an entire week off. Last week, he returned after a week off with a great feeling of fulfillment. He had turned… Read More

How Palestinian Children Can Get the Right Start

Oct 18, 2017

Posted in: My childhood was the most beautiful time of my entire life. I used to spend my time playing in the alleys of Arroub refugee camp, my home in the West Bank. Despite the camp’s uncovered sewage canals, poor lighting and… Read More

The Stories Tapestries Tell

Oct 3, 2017

Posted in: Inside an embroidery workshop in the heart of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Sabah stands at the helm of an important component of Palestinian identity and history. Not only is she an instructor of Palestinian embroidery, but she’s also… Read More

Health and Power in Gaza

Sep 29, 2017

Posted in: The situation in Gaza has been calamitous and unstable for a long time, but it’s never been as bad as it is now. The electricity shortage has thoroughly affected all aspects of life, particularly in sewage and health systems. Plants… Read More

Despite Water Scarcity, a Green Summer in Jenin

Sep 14, 2017

Posted in: Is there a sight more beautiful than lush fields of green? But fields need water and in Palestine, water is both the dilemma and the solution. The scarcity of water in the West Bank, particularly, has inspired us at ANERA… Read More

Disability Won’t Stop Heba’s Dreams of Being Gaza’s Top Horse Rider

Aug 29, 2017

Posted in: Hi Heba! Can you tell us about your background? My name is Hebatallah, meaning gift from God in Arabic. I am 17 and in the 11th grade in Gaza City. I am the eldest of three sisters and one brother.… Read More

Photojournalist Mohammed Zaanoun Reflects on Gaza’s Scars and Beauty

Aug 7, 2017

Posted in: Can you tell us about yourself? My name is Mohammed Zaanoun. I am the fourth of 12 siblings. Most of us work in the media world. I was only 19 when I became a news photographer, which had been my… Read More

Spaghetti for the Soul

Jul 26, 2017

Posted in: In East Jerusalem and across the West Bank, Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi is known as a renowned school for girls. In the past, it was also known for its large boarding section which housed 300 orphans and other underprivileged girls. But… Read More

Sulaima’s World: Supporting Women and Children in Palestine

Jul 6, 2017

Posted in: Helping other women brings me the greatest satisfaction. As women, we don’t have the support we need in our society—especially working women and mothers. I always try to convey to women that their voices matter and that their development is… Read More

Ramadan Pastries Fresh from Ola’s Oven

Jun 19, 2017

Posted in: Sambusek is a global treat originating in the Middle East. You may know of its cousins, the samosa and empanada. These crescent-shaped pastries can be stuffed with almost anything, but in Palestine they’re made with meat, cheese and zaatar.  Recently I learned… Read More

Ramadan Recipes from Jerusalem to Gaza City


Jun 5, 2017

Posted in: To celebrate Ramadan this year, we asked our staff in the Middle East to share some of their favorite recipes. From salads to pastries, these dishes from Gaza and Jerusalem are sure to brighten up long days of fasting. Ramadan Kareem! Sabah’s… Read More

Ramadan Recipes from Nimeh’s Palestinian Kitchen

May 26, 2017

Posted in: There is never a hungry stomach in Nimeh’s Kitchen. For my mother, it is not a necessity nor is it a duty to cook, it’s an art. She cooks, we devour – and together we enjoy a perfect time. To… Read More

Rania’s Diary: Living Without Light in Gaza

May 10, 2017

Posted in: Early this week, I took a day off to stay home. It wasn’t for family time, school meetings or having friends over for dinner. I simply took the day off to wash the piles of laundry that had amassed on… Read More

What It’s Like to Be a Woman Doctor in Area C, Palestine

Apr 27, 2017

Posted in: Not only is Dr. Fathiya Misyef one of the leading OB/GYNs in Palestine, she is also a well-respected female doctor who heads the Al-Walajeh Clinic. Al-Walajeh is a small Palestinian village in Area C of the West Bank, some kilometers northwest… Read More

Palestinian Children Describe Their Preschool Renovation


Jun 20, 2016

Posted in: The Refugee Women Training Center and preschool in the city of Ramallah is one of only three preschool teacher training facilities in all of Palestine. It was in bad need of repair when ANERA took on its renovation. Listen to… Read More

What Does “Al Afiya” Mean to You?


Oct 5, 2015

Posted in: We asked students & teachers at the Spafford Children’s Center in the Old City of Jerusalem to explain “al afiya” (العافية). Here’s what they had to say… Read More

Meet Tamer and Lana, Siblings from the West Bank with Gaucher Disease


Apr 1, 2015

Posted in: Tamer, 14, and his sister Lana, 13, live in Jenin, West Bank. They both suffer from a rare inherited disease called gaucher that is life-threatening without treatment. For 10 years, ANERA has provided Tamer and Lana with the treatment they… Read More

Crisis in Gaza 2014: ANERA Response Log


Dec 2, 2014

Posted in: Thanks to a dedicated and generous community of donors, ANERA’s Gaza staff was able to respond immediately to the bombings in Gaza. ANERA is one of the few international organizations that consistently gets health care and humanitarian relief supplies into Gaza.… Read More

Love Stories for World Heart Day 2014


Sep 29, 2014

Posted in: According to the World Heart Federation, heart disease and strokes are the world’s leading cause of death, killing 17.1 million people every year. That is more than cancer, HIV and AIDS and malaria. In honor of World Heart Day, ANERA… Read More

Palestinian Refugee Women from Syria


Dec 2, 2013

Posted in: More than 90,000 Palestinians from Syria have sought shelter in Lebanon’s overcrowded, poor 12 Palestinian refugee camps. Women and children account for 74% of the refugees. Six out of 10 families have to share one room and end up hanging… Read More

Children From Palestine Share Their Dreams


Oct 17, 2012

Posted in: Palestinian children from the West Bank, Gaza and Lebanon share what they hope to become in the future. Read More