The Faces of Tools for Tomorrow!


Meet Thuraya

Thuraya is a 23-year old Palestinian who joined Anera's cooking vocational training in Ain El Helwe Camp. "I gained more experience and felt empowered in this field," she says. After the course, she launched her own home cooking business, where she makes everything from warak dawali (stuffed grape leaves) to sweet crepes.

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Meet Nabil

Nabil is a 20-year-old Palestinian refugee living in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. He took Anera’s vocational education course on plumbing to help position himself to find decent work in Lebanon’s grim labor market. "I chose this plumbing course because it will benefit my life," he says. Not did he learn about practical skills, but he is helped to restore houses to make them livable for their residents.


Meet Ahmed

Al-Hamidiye Association is a small charity and one of Anera’s new partners in Akkar, Lebanon’s most vulnerable governorate. Ahmed is a trainer at Al-Hamidiyah who helps students understand computer programming. "The goal of this program is to have a young programmer in every home."


Meet Dima

Dima is a 19 year old who joined our program that connects Lebanese youth in America and Lebanon through sports. Students learn about leadership, conflict resolution, and teamwork. “This program is an opportunity for us to learn about civic work and activism."


Meet Rania

Rania joined Anera’s program in Shatila Refuge Camp to learn how to make winter clothes. Althrough the situation in Lebanon is bad, opportunities like this bring hope. Rania says, "I know that we as youth, if given the opportunity, can play a big role in saving this country and taking care of its people.”


Meet Tarek

Anera helps farmers, such as Tarek, establish agricultural greenhouses. He was provided with a greenhouse, seeds, equipment as well as agricultural training and mentorship.

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