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The Saïd Foundation Honors Anera’s Sulieman Mleahat

July 8, 2021 | Washington, DC — Anera is thrilled that Sulieman Mleahat, Anera’s education program director in Palestine, has been awarded the Saïd Foundation’s 2021 alumni achievement prize for his significant contribution to the preschool sector in Palestine.

Sulieman has devoted his 26-year career to improving early childhood education. For the last decade, he has worked with Anera to strengthen the Palestinian early childhood education system and building state-of-the-art modern kindergartens. Quality education during the formative first eight years of the life, the most important phase of human development, is vital to Palestinian society. Sulieman has led Anera’s program to renovate, upgrade and equip 210 kindergartens — fully 15% of Palestine’s kindergartens — trained 1,000 Palestinian early childhood education teachers, and worked with thousands of parents to ensure they know how to best support their children’s education.

Anera congratulates Sulieman on this well-earned recognition of the positive social impact of his work and the unique dedication and expertise that he brings to it.

Based in London, for nearly 40 years the Saïd Foundation has been investing in young people through scholarships and by supporting organizations to provide relief to people of the Levant. In 1993, the foundation supported Sulieman to study for his MSc in international development administration and planning at the University of Bristol in Britain. The scholarship enabled him to focus his career on international education development and to develop the expertise he now brings to his work with Anera.



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