As a registered 501(c)3 U.S. non-governmental organization, all gifts to Anera are tax-deductible as provided by U.S. law. (Anera's employer ID number is 520882226.)

By policy, all donations over $5,000 to Anera may be designated. All other gifts are used to address the greatest needs in order to reduce poverty and relieve suffering, thereby improving the lives of people in the Middle East.

Contributions to Anera build clinics, improve water and sanitation systems, create educational opportunities, improve health delivery services, feed children, and create jobs in underserved communities in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, and Lebanon. Anera projects are done in partnership with local charities and organizations which also contribute a portion of the project costs. In this way, the community has a greater sense of ownership and accomplishment once the project is completed.

The costs of Anera’s programs and expenses vary each year, however we consistently maintain a standard of roughly 97 cents per dollar going directly to program work. Anera has a four-star rating from Charity Navigator and is an accredited charity with the Better Business Bureau. To see the most recent allocation, please see the financial section of our most recent annual report.

Anera’s policy is to supply assistance to only legitimate and capable institutions and to comply with U.S. laws. We filter individuals and agencies against computerized lists of terrorist organizations cited by the U.S. Treasury Department on its Office of Foreign Assets Control list. Because Hamas is designated as a “terrorist group” by the U.S. State Department, Anera does not work or even coordinate with them.

Anera’s local staff evaluates our partners and assesses accountability, management, technical capacity, community outreach, etc. Through this process we determine if the institution is capable and eligible to receive Anera’s help.

When a project is completed, detailed financial and program evaluation reports are generated. Robust monitoring and evaluation systems are used and are regularly upgraded. In this manner, Anera continually evaluates projects from a fiscal and impact standpoint.

Anera is audited annually by independent auditors like Price Waterhouse (see our most recent audit) and we follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, which are standard financial guidelines for most non-governmental organizations. This measures many of the benefits and the success of each program. Read our accountability statement.

In our registration in 1968 with the Israeli government, Anera is restricted to serving the Palestinian people. Israel has a larger number of well-financed agencies that are catering to Israeli neighborhoods. Anera focuses on poor families and communities lacking in basic services where the incomes are well under half of the Israeli average.

Anera began its work in response to the 1967 war as a relief organization. Today, Anera’s programs serve Palestinians and others living in impoverished communities in the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon, including those living in refugee camps. Our programs in Lebanon serve thousands of Syrian refugees through non-formal education, youth leadership, sports and health programs. 

As a result of our proven capability and dedication to the region, Anera receives funding from thousands of individual donors, international organizations, governments, corporations, foundations, and charitable organizations. Some examples are the United States Agency for International Development, the United Nations, the Kuwaiti government, the Intel Corporation, and Aramco. View our Annual Report archive to see more.

Anera is a founding member of InterAction, a coalition of over 160 international service agencies helping disadvantaged people all over the world. Our Jerusalem office is a member of the Association of International Development Agencies (AIDA), which meets regularly to coordinate humanitarian work and share experiences. In Gaza, we also communicate with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Anera is also a member of InsideNGO, which links leaders of the non-profit community.

All relief items are shipped from the US to our warehouses in the West Bank and Gaza or to reliable partners in Jordan and Lebanon. Upon arrival, our staff reviews the shipment against the packing list for accurate inventory accounting. From there, goods are delivered by our staff to local partner organizations which have been vetted and regularly rechecked.

In addition to our annual independent audit, a U.S. government A-133 audit is conducted every year. Because Anera receives funding from the United States Agency for International Development and the State Department, we are subject to regular reviews.

Zakat contributions made to Anera will be restricted to our food assistance and medical aid programs. This means that your Zakat will be used to acquire and distribute food packages, necessary medical supplies, hygiene kits and other essentials for families who would otherwise go without.