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gallons of treated wastewater will be usable when Anera finishes its exciting project in Ramallah.


Gaza women's center has a new solar-powered hydroponic rooftop garden


Gaza farmers improved their crop production through greenhouse construction or repair


Working with Farmers

Farming has been a way of life in the Middle East for thousands of years, feeding families and generating work for local communities all over the region.

Today, it is one of the few ways for Palestinians to make a living in an uncertain political and economic climate. But, the shortage of water in the region and decades of outdated cultivation techniques challenge today’s farmers. Anera works in rural communities on a small-scale and sustainable level. We install irrigation systems and build farm-to-market roads, wholesale markets and greenhouses. We support farming cooperatives that share resources and help farmers talk to each other about what works.

Your support is helping revive Gaza agriculture by leveling and plowing damaged fields, installing irrigation pipes and providing olive trees and vegetable saplings to hundreds of families affected by the war and poverty. In the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon, your donations have fund greening efforts that bring a little cheer to concrete-filled neighborhoods. In the West Bank, you've helped set up the first large-scale facility in Palestine that treats waste water for irrigating farmlands.

Gaza Farmlands

receive little to no water

Simple irrigation techniques can fix this, making a difference for Gaza farmers

Palestinian Farmers

struggle to make a living

A little support in planting, irrigation and equipment-sharing helps a lot

Middle East Agriculture

is a way of life under threat

By using resources wisely and respecting the environment, farmers are adapting

A History of Lasting Impact in Palestinian Agriculture

Since its beginnings, Anera has pioneeered development in the Palestinian agriculture sector. Read the history and see the profound impact of these programs today.


On-the-Ground Report

Agriculture in the West Bank and Gaza


A Walk Through of Anera's 40+ Years in Palestinian agriculture