There are about 1.5 million refugees in Lebanon. Most are struggling to make ends meet.

Lebanon has suffered from poverty, war and political instability. It is not well equipped to host the largest per capita population of refugees in the world. Yet, without the luxury of time or distance, Lebanon has responded to the crisis with the help of key international organizations like Anera.

Anera has been helping Palestinian refugees in Lebanon cope with the hardships of statelessness and displacement since 1976. Today, we are also responding to the vast needs of Syrian refugees who have fled violence in their home country. Our programs also address the needs of underserved Lebanese host communities. This strategy helps eliminate tensions and ensure the sustainability of our programs.


Lebanon's Refugee Camps


Palestinian refugee camps

Most were created in 1948 to cope with the influx of refugees from the Arab–Israeli War.


informal Syrian tented settlements

These camps are spread all over the country, with the largest concentration in the Bekaa Valley.


"twice refugeed" Palestinians

Palestinian refugees who fled the war in Syria are flooding into Lebanon's Palestinian camps.

We're helping refugees in Lebanon build better futures.

With your donations, Anera is providing math and literacy education for out-of-school teens and making sure preschools are safe and inviting for younger children. We’re helping refugees in Lebanon learn useful job skills and offering sports courses on new fields.

Your support delivers millions of dollars worth of medicines and relief items each year. It allows us to respond to the health needs of marginalized communities through targeted treatment and awareness programs. In the midst of chaos, Anera is steadfast in its mission to help the most vulnerable refugee families in the region.

Anera’s sports program offers many types of sports courses, including basketball, football, yoga, swimming and aerobics. This year, 650 girls and women participated.


Palestinian Camp Profiles

Burj El Burajneh is home to some 31,000 refugees, including thousands who have recently fled fighting in Syria.

Burj El Barajneh Camp

This Beirut area camp is home to some 31,000 Palestinian refugees.

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Ein El Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

Ein El Hilweh

Ein El Hilweh is the largest and most crowded camp in Lebanon.

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Anera in Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp

Nahr El Bared

This camp in North Lebanon was nearly destroyed in 2007.

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Recently, Anera's operations in Lebanon have grown substantially to cope with the refugee crisis. We have six offices throughout the country, staffed by 60 employees who all come from the communities they serve.