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Top 17 Stories of 2017


Dec 14, 2017

Posted in: As we approach the new year, let’s take a look back at some of the top stories and blogs from 2017. These stories were chosen by you, our supporters, because of their popularity on social media. 17. Gaza Women Find… Read More

Nagham Returns to School for the First Time Since Fleeing Syria


Dec 1, 2017

Posted in: Nagham lives with her family in a tent camp in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Her family used to live in a nice home in Syria, where they lived a happy life under a proper roof. But since they fled… Read More

10 Reasons to #GiveHope this Giving Tuesday

Nov 21, 2017

Posted in: When you donate to ANERA this Giving Tuesday, your gift will be matched up to $10,000. Below, we list 10 more reasons to #givehope to refugees and vulnerable communities. 1. Refugees need help more than ever While some countries are… Read More

How Music Therapy Helps Palestinian Children


Nov 10, 2017

Posted in: By Buran Saada, ANERA teacher trainer and music therapist When I was only a school girl, I discovered my voice. My music teacher noticed that I could adapt to different music styles, so she picked me to sing in the… Read More

How Palestinian Farmers Cherish an Ancient Tradition

Nov 3, 2017

Posted in: In our Jerusalem office, we all know it's olive harvest season when our colleague Ma'moun, our maintenance officer, takes an entire week off. Last week, he returned after a week off with a great feeling of fulfillment. He had turned… Read More

7 Ways Palestinians Are Celebrating Olive Harvest This Year


Nov 2, 2017

Posted in: As November begins, Palestine is in the midst of its olive harvest season, which began last month. That means that from Gaza to the West Bank, Palestinian farmers are heading to their trees to pick the ripe fruit, gather and… Read More

Video: Tapestry of Humanity


Oct 25, 2017

Posted in: What do people from different walks of life have in common? The farmer in Palestine, the teacher in a refugee camp, the precocious preschooler, the Gaza entrepreneur. In our film Tapestry of Humanity, we visit unique individuals who show us… Read More

How Palestinian Children Can Get the Right Start

Oct 18, 2017

Posted in: My childhood was the most beautiful time of my entire life. I used to spend my time playing in the alleys of Arroub refugee camp, my home in the West Bank. Despite the camp’s uncovered sewage canals, poor lighting and… Read More

Spotlighting the Refugee Crisis in Ai Weiwei’s Human Flow

Oct 11, 2017

Posted in: There’s an expression in Arabic, khallyh yballt albahar, which translates to, “let him lay tiles on the seafloor,” and is usually said when someone insists on going through with a bad idea they’ve been warned against. I thought of the… Read More

The Stories Tapestries Tell

Oct 3, 2017

Posted in: Inside an embroidery workshop in the heart of the West Bank city of Ramallah, Sabah stands at the helm of an important component of Palestinian identity and history. Not only is she an instructor of Palestinian embroidery, but she’s also… Read More