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Rania’s Diary: Living Without Light in Gaza

May 10, 2017

Posted in: Early this week, I took a day off to stay home. It wasn’t for family time, school meetings or having friends over for dinner. I simply took the day off to wash the piles of laundry that had amassed on… Read More

5 Reasons Why #RamadanSolidarity Matters This Year (Especially)


May 3, 2017

Posted in: When our team sat down to discuss the approaching month of Ramadan, what dawned on us was that this was a Ramadan unlike any other. Sure, the traditions may be the same, the message of reflection remains central and it’ll be… Read More

What It’s Like to Be a Woman Doctor in Area C, Palestine

Apr 27, 2017

Posted in: Not only is Dr. Fathiya Misyef one of the leading OB/GYNs in Palestine, she is also a well-respected female doctor who heads the Al-Walajeh Clinic. Al-Walajeh is a small Palestinian village in Area C of the West Bank, some kilometers northwest… Read More

Palestinian Farmers Embody the Spirit of Earth Day


Apr 21, 2017

Posted in: For Earth Day 2017, we caught up with Dr. Mansour, a Palestinian medical doctor and farmer who was part of ANERA's agricultural knowledge sharing program. Using the skills he learned, he and his sister Ni'ma lovingly tend to their farm… Read More

West Bank Farmers Recycle Wastewater to Nourish Crops


Mar 24, 2017

Posted in: This World Water Day 2017, meet a Palestinian farmer who is irrigating his alfalfa and trees with a valuable resource, wastewater, that was being thrown away as crops died. In the fertile plains of Marj Ibn Amer Valley, Jenin, a… Read More

Meet Fadwa, a Palestinian Woman Making a Big Difference in Her Village


Mar 8, 2017

Posted in: This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the bold spirit and vast achievements of Palestinian women and female refugees. Women don’t always have adequate support in their societies, but when they are given opportunities, they thrive and improve the lives of… Read More

Using Treated Wastewater to Revive Palestine Agriculture


Feb 7, 2017

Posted in: The agricultural industry in Palestine is deeply hindered by water scarcity – an-ever growing problem. Though the agriculture sector uses nearly 45% of all water available to Palestinians in the West Bank, only 10% of the West Bank’s cultivated area… Read More

Sorting and Recycling Waste in Nahr El Bared Refugee Camp


Dec 21, 2016

Posted in: In Lebanon's Nahr El Bared refugee camp, trash is dumped everywhere. It fills the streets and covers sports fields. As the camp runs out of space, residents dump waste dangerously close to the sea. To make matters worse, scavengers often tear… Read More

Destroyed Preschool in Shejaiya, Gaza Gets Rebuilt


Nov 29, 2016

Posted in: During the 2014 war in Gaza, the Shejaiya neighborhood in the eastern part of Gaza City was heavily bombed. The war damaged hundreds of buildings, leaving thousands of Palestinians homeless. The few preschools in Shejaiya that existed prior to the… Read More

Gaza Farms Burst With Sweet Potatoes


Nov 8, 2016

Posted in: Sweet potatoes are a common treat in Gaza. Vendors on the beach sell them from boxes held above their heads, and they flourish in the local soil. Farmers can make big profits from these tasty crops. However, many Gaza farms aren't… Read More