Improving Lives in the Middle East

SINCE 1968

Helping refugees and poor families in Palestine and Lebanon live with dignity.

2016 STATS

Our Impact


40-foot containers of donated medicines delivered


acres of Palestinian farmland irrigated and fertile


refugee teens in Lebanon took math, language and computer courses


preschools in Gaza and the West Bank were renovated

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of revenue spent on programs in Palestine and Lebanon


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ANERA works in Palestine and Lebanon

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ANERA's Hani Almadhoun reflects on celebrating Ramadan, from Gaza to Utah. I started fasting at the age of seven. As a little boy, it was exciting to see all of my family under one roof, elbowing each other, trying to get... Read More
Early this week, I took a day off to stay home. It wasn’t for family time, school meetings or having friends over for dinner. I simply took the day off to wash the piles of laundry that had amassed on... Read More
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Connecting Najah's Family to Safe Gaza Water Supply

Nothing pleases five-year-old Zayna more than spending vacations at her grandmother’s home in Gaza. As soon as she finishes preschool and goes on summer break, she asks her parents’ permission to stay there.