Children drink clean water supplied by a desalination unit at a water fountain at Ard El Insan clinic in Gaza.

Desalination Units Bring Clean Water to Children and Hospital Patients

The ongoing water crisis in Gaza is alarming. To help address this, Anera recently provided new desalination units to health care centers in Gaza.

Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank are Finding Careers in Coding & Technology

Khyria puts coal in her oven to heat it in preparation for making her famous bread.

Anera’s Women Can Program Helps Palestinian Baker Expand Her Business in Palestine

A boy washes his hands near the produce stand in front of the Anera-renovated water well pump facility in Jabalia refugee camp, Gaza.

Water for 20,000 Palestinians in Jabalia Refugee Camp, Gaza

Helping refugees and vulnerable communities in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan live with dignity, well-being and hope.


Our Impact

$48.8 M

in relief, health, education and livelihood projects delivered in Palestine and Lebanon


Palestinians now have reliable connections to potable water in the West Bank and Gaza


refugee youth learned Arabic, English, math and valuable job skills across Lebanon

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of revenue spent on programs in Palestine and Lebanon


What We Do

Hiba and Nour practice taking blood pressure readings.

Anera works in Palestine and Lebanon

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Ibrahim is growing sweet peppers in his new greenhouse. His grandmother, Ahlam, and two of his daughters, Samira and Ahlam, are helping with the harvest today.

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October 17, 2019 marked the onset of ongoing public protests in Lebanon in which hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets nationwide. A series of mismanaged crises that hit the country in the preceding weeks, including a…

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We’re so proud of our first class of Palestinian graduates from the anera+RBK program. Our graduates come from all over Palestine – from Gaza and the West Bank. Their hard work and dedication will take them far – with careers…

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By Holly Jordan Holly is the new business development manager at Anera. Previously, she served as visiting assistant professor of religion at Roanoke College in Virginia. Recently, I was fortunate to take my first visit to Anera’s country offices in…

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Anera is Building 6 New Preschools in Palestine

As part of Anera’s early childhood development (ECD) work, we are currently building six new preschools in the northern West Bank. These schools, like the others Anera has built or renovated, are located in rural and economically disadvantaged communities, where access and availability are particularly limited.