Anera's 50th Anniversary Dinner

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Heba's children were delighted to find sweet treats in their food parcels, too.

2017 Annual Report

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Helping refugees and vulnerable families in Palestine and Lebanon live with dignity, well-being and hope.

2017 STATS

Our Impact


40-foot containers of donated medicines delivered


Palestinians connected to reliable sources of water


refugee youths went back to school in Lebanon


preschools in Gaza and the West Bank were renovated

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of revenue spent on programs in Palestine and Lebanon


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This page will revisit some of the thousands of projects and people who Anera has worked with over the years to see where they are now — from universities that got their start with Anera’s help to teachers who changed...
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Sunday, August 19, commemorates the ninth annual World Humanitarian Day, a global observance of the violence, challenges, changes and hazards millions of civilians and volunteers in conflict-ridden countries face every day with bravery, resilience, selflessness and sacrifice. Unfortunately, in many cities and...
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By Betty Sams   In August of 1967, 50 people from all over the U.S. came to our home in Bethesda, Maryland for dinner. It was two months after the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and they represented the many different committees...
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Dancing in Refugee Camps

Omar, a Syrian refugee teen, was traumatized by the war in Syria and was forced to drop out of school. But a dabke class in Lebanon changed all that...