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You Can Give Hope

You can provide brighter futures and possibility for people in the Middle East when you give today.

A Stairway to Progress

in Lebanon's Ein El Hilweh Palestinian Refugee Camp

Keeping Families in Gaza Warm This Winter

'Dramatic' Change Towards Environmentalism in Lebanon

Helping refugees and vulnerable communities in Palestine and Lebanon live with dignity, well-being and hope.


Our Impact

$43 million

worth of vital medicines, supplies and humanitarian goods were delivered to Palestine & Lebanon


Palestinians now benefit from new or repaired water infrastructure in Gaza


refugee youth benefited from language, math and life-skills courses in Lebanon


preschoolers now have a new or renovated school in Palestine, providing a space for children

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of revenue spent on programs in Palestine and Lebanon


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by Gene Zaid From the Refugee Camp to the United States I was born in Jalazone Refugee Camp in 1951 (north of Ramallah in the West Bank). My parents came from a village near Lod called Beit Nabala but became...

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This page will revisit some of the thousands of projects and people who Anera has worked with over the years to see where they are now — from universities that got their start with Anera’s help to teachers who changed...

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Families have always been the cornerstone of Palestinian society, and serve as the first place where children can learn respect, self-esteem, responsibility, community and most importantly love. These values, when amplified in society at-large, shape a nation. That is why...

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Switching off Gender Stereotypes in Lebanon

“People around me were surprised when I signed up for this course. Especially my family. “It’s a man’s career,” they would say. But I did not see it that way. I mean, is there really such a thing anymore nowadays? Women can do anything. All you need is courage!”

- Tahani, electrician and graduate of Anera vocational course