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Anera Delivers Essential Medicines Amidst Severe Shortages in Gaza

2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Anera devoted more than 94% of its revenue to direct programming across Palestine & Lebanon

Pro Player Nasser Al Rayes Leads Basketball Youth Camp In Lebanon

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The Fruits of Our Work

Looking Back on 50 Years

Anera's Fall 2018 Newsletter

Helping refugees and vulnerable communities in Palestine and Lebanon live with dignity, well-being and hope.


Our Impact

$43 million

worth of vital medicines, supplies and humanitarian goods were delivered to Palestine & Lebanon


Palestinians now benefit from new or repaired water infrastructure in Gaza


refugee youth benefited from language, math and life-skills courses in Lebanon


preschoolers now have a new or renovated school in Palestine, providing a space for children

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of revenue spent on programs in Palestine and Lebanon


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Anera works in Palestine and Lebanon

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Last year, with funding from Islamic Relief USA, Anera supported eight women’s cooperatives with dough mixers, pans, cooking utensils and stoves to support their professional work and help them generate income despite the difficult economic conditions in Gaza. To say thank you...

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This page will revisit some of the thousands of projects and people who Anera has worked with over the years to see where they are now — from universities that got their start with Anera’s help to teachers who changed...

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By Dagny Bilkadi I was born in Rochester, Minnesota, where my father was a staff doctor at the Mayo Clinic. My mother was from a Navy family. As a young woman she joined the Red Cross at the start of...

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Greenhouses Make a Difference for Families in Gaza

One of the ways Anera has responded to the serious humanitarian crises facing Gaza is by funding and engineering the construction of greenhouses for families to become self-sufficient.