By Skylar Lawrence, Senior Director for Philanthropy

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Gaza Situation Report

May 12, 2023

This is the fourth day of bombing in Gaza . The ongoing escalations mark the heaviest fighting between Gaza and Israel since the August 2022 escalations that killed 49 Gazan residents. Due to dwindling fuel supplies, the countdown to shutting down the Gaza power station has begun.

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Educating a New Generation of Nurses in South Lebanon

Nursing is a profession in high demand right now in Lebanon. That is why Anera supports the training of nurses and medical staff.

A New Preschool in As Sammu, Palestine

A new preschool in the West Bank Palestinian village of As Sammu was recently completed. The new school provides a safe learning environment for children.

Helping hope find a way

Anera helps refugees and others hurt by conflicts in Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan build better lives. Our programs grow from grassroots solutions and deliver lasting change.

We're local

Our staff in the Middle East serve
the places they are from.

We nurture food systems

Our agricultural work supports small farmers to practice sustainable farming.

We build community

Our work in livelihoods, infrastructure and sports strengthens ties.

We unlock potential

Our education programs open doors from preschool to college.

We heal and restore

Our health programs deliver medicines and promote healthy habits.

We respond to crises

Our health programs deliver medicines and promote healthy habits.

We supply water

We erect reservoirs, repair and expand water networks, renovate sewage systems, and connect hospitals to water.

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PQMD and Anera

A partnership for better healthcare

In 2019, Anera was proud to become a member of Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) in order to better monitor and evaluate medical donations shipments with partner organizations. PQMD guidelines have helped organizations manage donated medical products, devices and services while enhancing access to health care in under-served communities worldwide. Many of Anera’s largest medical donation partners, such as Americares, CMMB, Direct Relief, HPIC, International Health Partners, MAP International and UNICEF are members of PQMD. Anera is the only member working in Palestine.

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2022 Highlights

Our impact


Million in relief, health, education, and livelihood projects delivered in Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan.


Gaza residents got improved access to water.


Young people in Lebanon provided with vocational training.