Become a Social Ambassador

A social ambassador is someone who is passionate about a mission and wants to raise awareness of that mission through social media or other communication tools. Our social ambassador program is perfect for anyone who has a large online following and wants to volunteer their time to Anera.

Ambassador Responsibilities

Collaborate with Anera on online platforms to raise awareness of our mission.

Grow Anera's community of supporters and donors.

Attract potential ambassadors and encourage them to join Anera's community.

What We Look For In An Ambassador

Someone who is sensitive to the unique challenges that refugees and vulnerable communities in Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine face.

Someone who is willing to take the lead and do what it takes to grow Anera's community of supporters.

Someone who has an active digital presence, a generous follower base and always keeps up with the latest trends online.

Someone who knows how to engage an audience and build connections among peers.

Someone who feels a connection to our mission and feels energized through volunteer work.

Someone who wants to craft new, exciting ways to amplify Anera's work.

Social Ambassador Benefits

There are several benefits available to you as Anera's social ambassador. As an ambassador, you can:

  • Develop your skill set and build your CV
  • Amplify Anera programs that align with your interests
  • Engage based on your schedule
  • Advocate from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world
  • Use your creativity to raise awareness of your decided program
  • Be the first to know about Anera's on-the-ground activities
  • Meet like-minded ambassadors and supporters
  • Create valuable connections with Anera's team of experts
  • Gain access to free learning opportunities
  • Be featured on Anera's website for going above and beyond
  • Become a valued member of Anera's community and join online and/or in-person social events
  • Receive occasional Anera swag as a token of appreciation

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