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Since 1968, Anera has helped refugees and vulnerable communities in Palestine and Lebanon become self-sufficient. Our humanitarians come from the communities they serve, so they can pinpoint exactly what will empower their refugee neighbors to succeed. With multiple crises happening throughout the Middle East every day, your help supporting refugees is more critical than ever.

Donating to Gaza

Gaza consists of more than two million people who live within 140 square miles of land. This densely populated area has a decade-long blockade around it that limits import and export.

A devastating 51-day war in 2014 destroyed essential infrastructures, leaving Gaza's Palestinians with damaged buildings and few resources to fix them. In addition to fracturing structures, the bombings shattered thousands of lives and families. Many residents faced injury, death and displacement.

Because of our 50-year history working in Gaza and the West Bank, Anera is one of the few humanitarian organizations entrusted to bring supplies into Gaza. We understand how to manage paperwork and clearances professionally and quickly to supply aid when people need it.

Helping Palestine's West Bank

Ever since the 1967 War, checkpoints and walls established in the West Bank have reduced access to critical resources like land and water. Farmers have to get the most out of limited natural and financial resources. Family homes and schools don't have adequate plumbing or running water. Clinics and hospitals don't always have the medicine they need to offer quality care.

Anera has supported Palestinians in the West Bank since its founding in 1968. We bring water to families and farmers using irrigation and offer agricultural training tailored to meet pressing needs in low-resource areas.

Whether it's supplies or infrastructure, we give clinics and schools everything they need to provide the best care and education.

Donating to Palestinian

& Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Many people displaced by the conflicts in Palestine and Syria flee to Lebanon, the nation with the world's highest per capita population of refugees.

Lebanon has a total of 12 refugee camps, most of which were built to accommodate refugees from the Arab-Israeli War in 1948. These camps now have numerous refugees born and raised in Lebanon without citizenship, which keeps them from moving out of poverty. In the face of the Syrian civil war, Syrian refugees are adding to their number — some of whom are returning after having originally fled to Syria in the first place.

Anera began supporting Lebanon's refugee camps in the early 1970s. In addition to giving Palestinian refugees more opportunities, we help Syrian refugees adjust to their new situation. We understand it takes direct involvement to raise these displaced communities, which is why we provide them with lessons in math, literacy and marketable job skills. Anera also offers refugees essential health care opportunities.

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Your tax-deductible gift helps the most vulnerable refugees, families and communities overcome conflict, poverty and displacement.


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Anera Visionaries are a group of committed individuals who give monthly to pledge continuous support for Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Even a small monthly donation helps to support Anera's key programs and achieve our shared vision of a brighter future for families in Palestine and Lebanon.

Learn More About Anera and the Refugees We Help

The issues refugees face in Palestine and Lebanon are varied and complex. Since many of our staff are part of these resilient communities, Anera knows first-hand the specific issues we need to address. Visit our resource library to learn about our projects and read on-the-ground reports.

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