Join the Visionaries

We envision a future where...

Palestinian families are connected to the CLEAN WATER they need.

Every child has the chance to LEARN AND PLAY in a safe environment.

Syrian teens feel HOPEFUL for their futures and empowered to learn.

Green fields and LUSH FARMS provide food and income across Palestine and Lebanon.

What's Your Vision?

By becoming an Anera Visionary, you're joining a group of committed individuals who dare to envision a brighter future for Palestine and Lebanon through a monthly donation of any amount.

How Will My Monthly Gift Help?

Anera Visionary gifts support the entire Anera mission. Your gift helps sustain core programs and helps Anera respond quickly in times of crisis. Here are a few examples:


We build, renovate and stock clinics to support health care for refugees in Palestine and Lebanon.

Make sure clinics across Lebanon and Palestine can meet their patients needs with up-to-date equipment and vital medicines. 


Family farms in Palestine foster food security.

Give farmers the tools and knowledge they need to increase their incomes and provide healthy food for their communities.


Children are delighted with the transformation of their preschools in two Lebanon camps.

Support the renovation of a preschool in a remote Palestinian town or an impoverished refugee camp in Lebanon.

Monthly Giving FAQ

How do I become an Anera Visionary?

It's simple! Sign up to make a monthly donation of any amount that is automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your checking or savings account by electronic funds transfer. Join now by using our safe and secure online donation form!

Need help starting your monthly gift? Contact Maha Akkeh by email or phone (202-266-9726).

Can I change my monthly gift amount?

Certainly. You can easily increase, decrease or cancel your monthly gift at any time by contacting Maha Akkeh by email or phone (202-266-9726).

You can also do this online by logging in here. Your username is the email you provided upon making your first monthly gift. If you do not have a password, click on "Forgot Password?" and an email will be sent to you. If you need assistance logging in to the service center, please contact Maha.

How will my donation be used?

Great question. We gave some examples above of how your gift can be used. However, all gifts you make as an Anera Visionary go toward advancing our entire mission of addressing the development and humanitarian needs of Palestinians and other refugee communities in Palestine and Lebanon.

Through our partnerships and close consultation with local groups and communities your gift supports innovative projects in health, education, and economic development. It also helps us respond quickly in emergencies to provide relief through water deliveries, hygiene kits and more. 

Why should I become a Visionary?

As an Anera Visionary, you're showing your commitment to Palestinian and Syrian refugees each month by joining a dedicated community. You're daring to envision a future of dignity for families in Palestine and Lebanon, which is what they deserve.

You'll also get discounts on selected Anera events in your area, receive special program updates, and get less clutter in your inbox. 

Meet Some Visionaries

Yasmeen and Darren: Anera Monthly Donors

Yasmeen & Darren

"What's really great is knowing that all of our donations add up. Together, we're working toward something greater."

Omar Zalatimo monthly donor

Omar Zalatimo

Neurosurgeon at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
Sustaining donor since 2008

"I appreciate that Anera coordinates with other organizations in Palestine to make sure that needs are being met, efforts are not duplicated and things don’t slip through the cracks."

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